You are a broke college student. It happens to the best of us. But if you're just looking for fun, just asked a girl/guy on a date, or in a committed relationship, having a low-paying job or no job at all shouldn't stop you from going on dates (and not just watching Netflix). But there are ways to have fun with a loved one without breaking the bank. Get out of your comfort zone and try one of these 25 cheap or free date ideas.

1. Museums

2. Hiking

3. Build a blanket fort

4. Create a scavenger hunt

5. Try Geocatching or PokemonGo

6. Play hide-n-seek in Walmart

7. Stargazing

8. Go to a pond and feed turtles

9. Go to the beach

10. If it's windy, make kites

11. Mini golf

12. Ice or Roller Skating

13. Learn how to play pool or ping pong

14. Create your own karaoke night

15. Game night (video or board)

16. Create a bucket list together

17. Dirt road riding

18. Hammock time

19. Bake cookies

20. Fruit picking

21. Picnic

22. Play on a playground

23. Bowling and laser tag

24. Go get coffee or hot chocolate

25. Watch the sunset

At the end of the day, just find something you both find fun and get out there!