24 Thank You's For The Boy I Love

24 Thank You's For The Boy I Love

Words will never be able to fully capture how much I appreciate you, but I will continue to try.

Jenna Carey

We have been through the thick and the thin, the good and the bad, and every single time we come back on top. You are my shoulder to cry on, my favorite part of every single day, and my absolute best friend. After two amazing years, I have an infinitive list of things to thank you for, so I limited it to 24 and decided to publish it. And, in case you didn't catch on, there are 24 thank you's for the 24 months we've been together. Here goes...

Thank you:

1. For all of the dinner dates and the many more to come

While I love trying new places with you, nothing beats splitting boneless buffalo wings and brew pub pretzels at the Bee's. ;)

2. For not getting mad when I call you a million times in a row

3. For coming up with new nicknames for me on a daily basis

Even if they aren't always so charming (Larry loves you, Ron)

4. For listening to me complain about every single minor issue of my day

I swear that accounting assignment really was as bad as it sounded in the twenty minute rant I just went on.

5. For sometimes actually responding when I gossip about irrelevant drama

I know you don't care about my friend's relationship status with that new guy she's talking to, but you're my best friend and I tell you everything.

6. For doing your best to give me advice about situations you can't at all relate to

And, when you don't have all the answers, telling me everything will be okay always helps too.

7. For randomly complimenting me and putting a smile on my face

8. For making fun of me in the most endearing way

Like getting all of your friends to call me "Larry"...

9. For letting me make fun of you, too

10. For cooking dinner for me while I "supervise"

You make the best grilled chicken and homemade french fries :)

11. For driving me around everywhere

And wasting all of your gas on me (I swear I'll make it up to you)

12. For leaving the TV on at night because you know I can't fall asleep without background noise

And for waking up in the middle of the night to turn it off once I've finally fallen asleep

13. For dealing with my hair stuck to everything you own

It probably gets a little awkward when someone looks at your passenger seat asks if you have a dog and you have to say that it's from your girlfriend.

14. For including me in your friend group

And for having really cool friends

15. For inviting me to spend time with your family and making me feel welcome

16. For making an effort with my family, too

17. For bragging about me when I'm not around

It makes me blush a little bit, but I totally love it.

18. For letting me play that song that you hate just because I love it

And because you like to watch me dance like a fool in the passenger seat

19. For singing in the car with me and belting out your own special remixes when you don't know the words

I roll my eyes every time, but I really do think you're hilarious

20. For remembering small, insignificant things that I mention at random times and sometimes even forget about myself

It surprises me and amazes me how much you really do listen.

21. For always telling it like it is, even when it might not be what I want to hear

Because who wants a boyfriend that "yes"'s you to death. That's how I know you actually care.

22. For celebrating my proudest moments and my smallest victories with me

And for making a big deal out of my littlest accomplishments

23. For bringing out the absolute best version of me

24. For loving me unconditionally

Words will never be able to fully capture how much I appreciate you, but I will continue to try. Happy Two Years, Ronnie. I love you.

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