24 Things That Make Stressed And Sleep-Deprived College Students Cry
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Student Life

24 Things That Make Stressed And Sleep-Deprived College Students Cry

Hint: Never look at your bank account. Seriously, just don't do it. You'll regret it.

24 Things That Make Stressed And Sleep-Deprived College Students Cry

It's nearing the end of the semester when all the assignments, papers and group projects you procrastinated doing are now due. The time in the semester where you start prepping for the dreaded week of finals that leaves you drained mentally and emotionally. When the exhaustion really hits you and so does the flood of emotions that comes with exhaustion crying can become something that happens daily. These things are sure to make almost any exhausted and drained college student cry.

1. Seeing a dog on campus.

2. The reaction of a contestant's family on "The Voice."

3. Thinking about all the deadlines that are approaching quicker than you can say "Why me?"

4. When you find out the average on your last exam was much higher than you expected.

5. Finding out that you have to get 130 percent on the final to get an A in the class.

6. When you have no clue where to start when studying for your finals.

7. Seeing the friend that you haven't seen in weeks between classes, but you don't even have time to talk.

8. The fact that you've been living off of caffeine and energy bars for the past month, and all you really want in life is a nice homemade meal.

9. You haven't showered in...wait, when was the last time that you showered? It's been that long? Crap, I should probably do that.

At least the tears are masked by the water in this one!

10. Knowing that only four weeks separates you from eternal freedom...for a couple of months.

11. Looking at your bank account.

It's best to just avoid this one at all costs.

12. Cute videos of genuinely happy dogs.

I recommend this one!

13. Being able to go home and be with your beloved pet every day.

14. Registration time.

15. The exam that you spent weeks preparing for that you still bombed.

16. Even glimpsing at your planner that has too many marks on it to even be legible at this point.

17. The messy state that not only your life is in, but that your room is in, too.

I'll clean it up when I move out.

18. When caffeine doesn't even help anymore.

19. A good night's sleep becoming five hours.

20. Having your card decline when you're in line to get coffee.

Not only are you extremely embarrassed, but now you also don't get the coffee you were so needing.

21. When someone takes your unassigned, assigned seat.

22. That "Oh S***" moment when you are taking a test, and you haven't even heard of half the things on it.

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23. When showers don't bring you solace anymore.

24. Let's be honest, what doesn't make a sleep-deprived and stressed out college student cry?? EVERYTHING can make a college student like this cry!!!

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