24 Signs You Work With Kids Every Day Of Your Life

Working with kids is tough, I'm not gonna lie - but that's only because it's not for everyone. It takes a certain kind of person to change diapers, wipe noses, and teach children all day long. These people, teachers, can all understand each other - and it's pretty easy to spot them, too.

1. You never hesitate to answer a toy phone.

2. The word "potty" is part of your daily vocabulary.

3. You talk in a sing-song voice at the most random of times.

4. Songs like "Five Little Monkeys" are on constant replay on your internal playlist.

5. Your hands are washed like 6,000 times a day.

6. The word "spaghetti" makes you cringe on occasion.

7. Your work shirts have mysterious stains.

8. You don't even want to know where they came from.

9. You speak "toddler-ease".

10. Your reflexes are faster than ever.

11. Personal space is not even a thing.

12. Your "teacher voice" follows you home on Fridays.

13. Caffeine is your best friend.

14. Messes never surprise you.

15. Your Pinterest page is all kid crafts.

16. There is no shame in dancing around the classroom.

17. Pajama days are your favorite days.

18. Lesson plan ideas fill your head all hours of the day.

19. You have your class's favorite books memorized.

20. Your hair and makeup are almost always a mess.

21. Your nose is constantly running, and you're always getting sick.

22. You love your class as if they were your own kids.

23. You couldn't imagine your life any other way.

If you work with children every day, chances are that you just can't even express how much you love your job... and that's why you can't help but take it home with you.

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