There's nothing like screaming out the lyrics to a song you relate to so much that it hurts or listening to music so invigorating that it gives you chills and makes the hair stand up on your arms. There's nothing like draining out all of your thoughts and worries by blasting a song. The way music makes you feel is unparalleled to anything else in the entire world.

1. It expresses the words you can’t say.

2. It makes you dance.

3. It can make you feel what you want to feel.

4. It motivates you.

5. It makes you sing.

6. It heals.

7. It’s vast.

8. It’s magical.

9. It’s surreal.

10. It’s nostalgic.

11. It’s creative.

12. It’s universal.

13. It’s inspiring.

14. It’s emotional.

15. It’s timeless.

16. It’s beautiful.

17. It’s relaxing.

18. It gives you confidence.

19. It’s a form of expression.

20. It brings people together.

21. It can remind you of a specific moment in time.

22. It can remind you of a certain person.

23. It’s always there for you.

24. It doesn’t have to be any kind of way.

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