23 Things All Baltimoreans Know Are True
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23 Things All Baltimoreans Know Are True

My hometown>Yours probably

23 Things All Baltimoreans Know Are True

I love my hometown, from the chatter in the Inner Harbor to the strolls through Patterson Park. Because I've lived there my whole life, there are some things I know are true, and my family and friends can agree. So here are some things that every Baltimorean knows are true.

1. You put Old Bay on everything.

Literally everything: eggs, popcorn, fries, fried chicken, ramen, you name it.

2. If you went to a private school, you know every other private school kid

Kids from McDonough know girls at Notre Dome Prep, know kids from Friends know boys from Gilman, who know girls from St. Pauls, who know people from Bryn Mawr.

3. The best crab cakes are from Baltimore

And you have a favorite spot to get them from (my favorite is personally G&M). You know that everyone else tries to make Baltimore crab cakes.

4. You’ve been able to pick a crab since you were a kid

People cringe at how time-consuming it is, but you are able to do it blindfolded.

5. You know all of Baltimore is not like The Wire.

One of the most popular shows to ever air on TV shows the dark side of Baltimore. Not every single part of Baltimore is like that, but there are some parts

6. You also know all of Baltimore is not like the Inner Harbor

Not every part of Baltimore is as glamorous and well kept as the Inner Harbor.

7. Brunch at Ms. Shirley’s is tradition

The chocolate chip pancakes from Ms. Shirley’s makes you wake up early on a Sunday morning.

8. You have a weird pride for Hairspray.

The popular musical and movie starring Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky makes you a proud Baltimorean.

9. You know that driving to DC may be a bop but it’s worth it.

And you know what a bop is.

10. You bleed purple and orange.

You love the Ravens and the Orioles no matter the season.

11. If you see a Steelers fan, you need to be held back.

If you see black and yellow, you automatically cringe.

12. You know the seasons are so unpredictable.

It can be March and 80 degrees and you don’t think it’s strange.

13. RoFo French fries and fried chicken are the bomb.

Royal Farms and Sunny's are the places for quick fried chicken and western fries.

14. You’ve always wanted to go on the dragon boats but don’t wanna fall in the water.

You’re still convinced even to this day that if the water touches you, you’ll grow 5 extra arms.

15. You still find any excuse to go to Port Discovery

Who could hate the tall indoor jungle gym or the mysterious house?

16. Crab Chips are the only chips you’ll eat.

I hate potato chips but if anyone offers me crab chips, they’re gone in a minute.

17. You never ever use crosswalks.

Which is something you struggle with at UMD.

18. The National Aquarium was your favorite field trip as a kid.

The indoor rainforest, the dolphin tanks, the beautiful view of the inner harbor…who could hate this place?

19. 92Q is the radio station you listen to in the car.

You jam out to all of the latest HipHip music on 92.3, or Baltimoreans call it, 92Q.

20. Fracture Prune donuts>>>>>>Dunkin Donuts.

The fresh baked donuts puts Dunkin to shame. You can get any glaze and any topping you want!

21. You scream "OOOOH!" during the Star Spangled Banner.

You know the part: “And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there…OOOOOOOH say…”

22. You go to 34th Street during the Christmas Holidays.

Adults and kids alike walk down this street in Hampden to gaze at the entirely decorated house and talk to their owners. A favorite tradition in Baltimore no matter what part you’re from.

23. You know Baltimore is the best city in the country

Even though the news shows the city in a negative way, you know your heart could never belong anywhere else

And there you have it. I could add so much more to the list: that we live for Baltimore club music, despise the Colts, and have a love for crab soup, but these are the basic things that we all know, as Baltimoreans, are true.

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