23 Things I WOULD Do This Summer If I Just Had 'More Time'

Time is a tricky subject, and I had such high hopes at the beginning of the summer. I had a long long list of things that I wanted to do this summer... before I was working two jobs and planning trips with my friends.

If the summer was longer, here is a list of things I totally would complete if I could.

1. Plant a garden

2. Make more art

3. Take more walks

4. Try new foods

5. Listen to new music

6. Catch up with old friends

7.  Practice my instruments 

8. Support a new business

9.  Watch a new tv show

10.  Hang out with someone new

11. Write more articles

12.  Travel somewhere new

13. Relax in my hammock 

14. Shoot my bow

15. Visit my roommates

16. Spend time with family

17. Have a bonfire

18. Do more yoga

19. Catch some tadpoles

20. Go swimming

21. Take some pretty nature pictures

22. Enjoy being stress free

23. Enjoy being alive!

Do you want to know something Crazy? These are all things I have already done, and summer isn't even halfway started. Time Shmime. If it is important to you, make room in your schedule to get out there and do it! Once you set your mind to summer, anything is possible.

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