The 23 Srattiest Girl Names And What They Say About Each Girl
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The 23 Srattiest Girl Names And What They Say About Each Girl

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The 23 Srattiest Girl Names And What They Say About Each Girl

It's like a switch in the brain for guys: you hear a certain name and you associate that name with a srat (srat=sorority) girl. We all know a Sarah or Courtney that has made a lasting impression in our memory, for good or bad, bad reasons. Without further adieu, a countdown of the srattiest girls you've ever met.

Disclaimer: none of this is meant to be serious. This is all in good humor and all of the below cases are extreme exaggerations — well, some of them, anyways.

23. Katie

Pretends to be sister friends with all of her "favorite" sisters, when in actuality she hates everyone and regrets joining her sorority.

22. Lauren

Comes to class on Friday and never fails to brag about how much she drank.

21. Jessica

Only one thing in the world makes this girl absolutely happy: chicken nuggets.

20. Kaitlyn

Girl in the sorority who owns the most Old Row shirts by a landslide.

19. Mary-Catherine

Born and raised in the South, with a smile that will melt your heart and the voice of an angel. But don't cross her.

18. Sarah

Sarah likes to wait until the last minute to get a date for her date party, then commence to complain about her date the entire night and ditch him as soon as she gets to the bar. Oh, Sarah.

17. Courtney

Embraces Wine Wednesday seven days a week.

16. Kate

Has a group of guy friends in every fraternity, but doesn't date any of them.

15. Emma

Captions an Instagram picture "Snapbacks and Tattoos," without owning any snapbacks or having any tattoos.

14. Madison, Maddie, or Mady

Has been in a committed long-distance relationship for two years... and that's why she won't talk to you at a social.

13. Stephanie

Drinks one beer or one glass of wine, then pukes the rest of the night.

12. Emily

Has daddy issues and will tell everyone at the bar that she does.

11. Kristen

Eats two whole pizzas, four cheeseburgers and 27 donuts a day and still manages to stay skinny. No shame in her game.

10. Megan

Dances on elevated surfaces at every social, and only comes down gently half the time.

9. Nicole

Out-drinks and out-shotguns any guy on the row in expert fashion.

8. Taylor

For sure drives the white Range Rover with blacked out rims and a custom license tag that say "TAYTAY1," with a venti iced Splenda-sweetened, vanilla latte with soy milk in the cup holder and Ray-Ban aviators hanging from the rear-view mirror.

7. Rebecca

Red-headed, fire-breathing dragon in 5-foot-2-inch body.

6. Jennifer

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, she is in her room with the curtains blacked out watching Netflix with a bottle of wine and chocolate. She "don't need no man."

5. Rachel

Always complains about her grades and classes with attendance, but holds perfect attendance at Mojito Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, and Fried Friday.

4. Brittney, Britney, or Brittany

For some reason every girl hates her, yet nobody can explain why.

3. Jenna

Mom status: achieved.

2. Molly

Always talks crap about Lexi, but definitely is not as cute as Lexi, nor does she try as much as Lexi does in anything.

1. Lexi

Fitness model, Instagram model, model of anything. Absolute 10/10 body, face and personality. Will definitely never, ever, EVER look your way.

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