The 23 Frattiest Guy Names And What They Say About Each Guy
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The 23 Frattiest Guy Names And What They Say About Each Guy

They're colored-shorts-wearing, natty-light-drinkin' frat boys.

The 23 Frattiest Guy Names And What They Say About Each Guy

There are some guy names that you hear and have war flashbacks to college frat parties. These guys would be voted most likely to ask "who do you know here?" Every 3 a.m. "you up?" text was probably sent by one of these guys. They're colored-shorts-wearing, Natty-Light-drinkin' frat boys.

23. Tyler

Very into "Lord of the Rings" and probably knows all the capitols of European countries.

22. Todd

He's skinny and very into generic, white, stand-up comedians.

21. John

He's so average looking, you won't recognize him when you see him on campus.

20. Logan

Equally as douchey as he is hot.

19. Jacob

He's nicer than most of his brothers, but still kind of a douche.

18. Luke

He is as hot as they come.

17. Chase

He is probably going to take over his father's law firm after college.

16. Dylan

He looks more like a surfer than a frat boy.

15. Chad

Probably has his letters tattooed somewhere on his body.

14. Matt

He doesn't go to all the parties, but he's still everyone's friend.

13. Caleb

He's taken, and incredibly attractive, but probably cheating on his girlfriend.

12. Travis

Very tall.

11. Collin

He has the perfect dad bod.

10. Brad

He's the chapter treasurer because it will look good on applications and his parents made him fill out.

9. Spencer

The king of wearing his hats backwards.

8. Chris

He's the captain of every intramural team, and does not lose.

7. William

Taller than Travis.

6. Josh

Thinks he's really hot, but painfully average looking.

5. Nick

Truly cares about every girl he talks to.

4. Brandon

Has abs of a god and the GPA of someone who never goes to class.

3. Connor

All-time record holder for the longest keg stand.

2. Tanner

Never knows whats going on, but somehow has a surprisingly high GPA.

1. Ryan

Has a new girl every week.

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