Every college has unique things about it, and the same is true for UIS. UIS (The University of Illinois in Springfield) is the 3rd branch of the University of Illinois school system. Call me bias, but I think that our campus is the best. Whether it be that we are famous for our annual Springfest event, or our cafeteria's fried rice, UIS has many things that make it special to its students and alumni. So here are some signs that everyone that currently attends UIS (or has in the past) can relate to.

1. You are used to waiting in long lines to get food at PAC.

But it is worth it because our school's food is usually much better than other colleges.

2. You get the "what's a prairie star" question all the time from your family and friends.

You don't even know what it is yourself.

3. You are used to the UIS police stopping all the fun at parking lot parties.

Just when our campus starts to look like a campus, the police shut it down.

4. You have to eat your food at PAC with a plastic fork because they are always "out of" metal forks.

And the plastic forks are so flimsy, they don't even cut through a piece of chicken.

5. Springfest is the best event at UIS.

The mug tug-a-war is like Prairie Star heaven.

6. You love having access to HBOGO while on campus, but hate having to go home for the summer and not have access to it.

Sorry I'm "not currently living on campus," but I'm still a student, dammit!

7. You are just as confused as everyone else as to why UIS has random looking statues / sculptures all over campus, like the famous french fry one.

Who even invented the french fry statue?! And what for?!

8. The Abraham Lincoln statue was the best thing to happen to UIS.

Look how happy the Chancellor looks.

9. You've probably waited in line for an hour to get fried rice from Showtime.

But it's always worth it.

10. You know it's going to be a good day when PAC's daily special is funnel fries.

They should make funnel fries apart of the every day menu.

11. Hearing a professor say that he/she attended here when it was still Sangamon State.

Whoa. So cool. Please tell me more. Please.

12. Moving from the dorms to a townhouse or apartment is the best day of your life.

No more checking guests in!

13. You're used to the homecoming game being a soccer game because UIS doesn't have a football team.

Which confuses almost everyone who has even heard of your school.

14. Walking up the library's stairs got you like...

If you take the underground tunnel, you also have to deal with stair Hell.

15. Dorm rooms are referred to as residence halls.

What's the difference exactly?

16. When people ask you where you go to school.

You have to tell people that your school is literally in the middle of a cornfield.

17. You are forever waiting for the Student Union.

Supposedly it's being built, but all they have done is a "driveway".

18. You are convinced that the Shop24 will never actually work.

And when it does work they are always out of the good stuff, such as mac 'n cheese and Hot Pockets.

19. Your weekends are three days long because there are no Friday classes.

If you're not a science major that is. Or else you're stuck with 8 a.m. labs on Friday's.

20. You're convinced 90 percent of the people that attend here are from the Chicago area.

But for those that are from California or Europe, how did you even hear of this school?

21. You love that your diploma will be from the University of Illinois.

We get to look fancy.

22. The fountain under the Colonnade is your only pool for the year.

It is tradition for the Freshmen to run through it to be "inducted".

23. You love your school, the people in it, and you are forever grateful for having the opportunity to go to the great school of the Prairie Stars.

All in all, UIS is a great school and you wouldn't trade it for anything. Especially the amazing people you have met over the years.