1. Running in the various parks (being able to do Irwin and Waveny in the same run is why I love distance runs)

2. Zumbachs Coffee > Anything you can make with a Keurig

3. It’s like driving in a Robert Frost poem

4. Sandwiches from Tony’s Deli beat any dining hall food in America (Will always recommend their Turkey Club on Gluten Free toast)

5. I refuse to get my hair cut anywhere but Colonial Barbershop

6. The Salmon Bowl at Gates tho

7. Shopping anywhere but Walter Stewart’s Market feels wrong

8. Jeliff Mill may be the prettiest road in all of New England ( an opinion I formed after driving it twice a day all of senior and junior year)

9. Chicken Joes New Canaan Chicken, can’t be matched

10. Being around someone who understands the great Joe’s v Viccolo’s Debate

11. I’ve been craving tacos from Chef Luis since I left


13. Visiting old teachers at NCHS= Priceless

14. Where else can you see a Jeep on every street?

15. Somehow Elm Street Books is still cheaper than my College Bookstore

16. College Gyms will never be as nice as the Y (even though it feels like it’s being renovated constantly)

17. If you’re bored you can see an architectural marvel, the Glass House

18. Seeing old friends is always wonderful, particularly when you can do it at NC Diner ( whether you are there at 2 pm or 2 am)

19. If you’re bored for some reason, go to Tallmadge Hill and hop on a train to NY (that is if you can find parking)

20. As someone who has worked in Kiwanis, I can assure you there is no sea monster in it

21. Movies are somehow better when you see them at the playhouse

22. No college campus has paddle tennis courts, but Waveny does

23. Once a Ram, always a Ram