What has been up with the weather in the Northeast recently? It was just the first day of Spring, but instead of warmer temperatures, the area got another snow storm. This was the third one since the beginning of March. Don't the weather gods know that I'm ready to break out my short-sleeve t-shirts and shorts? I'm tired of being stuck in my winter jacket that makes me look like a marshmallow. I am definitely ready for warmer weather.

After all these cold temperatures, I am only surviving by looking at dogs playing in the snow. They are so funny when they first experience the snow or ice. (I'm really hoping that the future forecast of temperatures in the 50s is true though).

1. Here let me help you with that.

This is a very good boy, and I need his help at my house.

2. Think graceful, yes just slide into it.

I look like this ever time I try to walk on ice.

3. Well hello world.

Please just look at the ears.

4. I'm just going to hop along.

Yes, let's hop right along into Spring.

5. Snow is my new favorite treat.

What a great catch! This boy deserves some more snow.

6. What's this? More snow? I'm out.

The little husky knows where his warm bed is.

7. What just happened? I hope nobody saw that.

After I fall, I always check to see if anyone saw me.

8. Let's gooooooo.

This big goof is thinking that he's the best sledding partner. I must agree.

9. Oh, I got it. No wait, again!

A quick way to tire out a big doggie.

10. I'm an independent dog who don't need no human.

12/10 for style points.

11. Ooooh, you can't catch me.

The human will never be able to catch him.

12. Don't worry guys, I'll save you.

This cute little pup is training to save people from avalanches.

13. Whoop, they didn't tell me it was this deep.

I can't even imagine how deep that snow is.

14. No don't make a ball, pay attention to me.

The silly human should have gotten a ball he could toss.

15. So yummy.

He usually doesn't get this kind of food.

16. Oh dear, I don't know what to do.

I'm thinking the same thing when I'm not wearing the proper shoes.

17. Who said Corgis can't jump, hmm?

This Corgi may be small, but he has cool tricks.

18. Let's play follow the leader.

The last baby Bernese looks like he's tired.

19. I can fly.

I don't think the puppy knew how deep it would be.

20. I'm coming.

This boy listens very well.

21. Wow, this stuff is awesome.

That used to be my thought too, buddy. I have to shovel it now, and I don't have the same feelings.

22. It's snowing in Spring?

I've had the same reaction recently.

23. I like this cold, just leave me.

Unlike me, this little guy tries to find the coldest place to take a nap.