22 Things You'll Understand If You're From Cocoa Beach, Fl

22 Things You'll Understand If You're From Cocoa Beach, Fl

It truly is One of a Kind.

The World Famous Cocoa Beach, Florida is a well known tourist town that attracts many families every year with its beaches, surfing, resorts, history and relation to the Orlando area. However, Cocoa Beach isn’t just a tourist trap. Every Cocoa Beach native has a special place in their heart for this unique town. It truly is unlike any other and has a special charm that no other place can replicate. Here are 22 things that every Cocoa Beach local can relate to.

1. You can hear and see rocket launches from your own home.

At this point in your life they’re commonplace. If you want to see the launch all you have to do is look out the window.

2. Your childhood was filled with hurricane evacuations.

Every time a hurricane came your family turned it into a vacation to visit another evacuation site.

3. You took at least one field trip to Kennedy Space Center and then probably never went back

Kennedy Space Center is one of the pride and joys of our area, but most locals only go once to visit. It is definitely a cool site to see that everyone needs to do at least once, but once you’ve gone it’s almost no big deal to you.

4. You go to the beach all the time and can probably walk there from your house.

Going to the beach is the main thing to do in this town, so you’re there all the time. Almost the whole town is based off of A1A, so the walk to the beach from your house is usually worth it to avoid paying for parking.

5. You either regularly surf or you’ve tried to learn how to before.

Since Cocoa Beach is the East Coast Surfing Capital, the sport is kind of a big deal here. If you don’t regularly surf, you’ve definitely had lessons or have tried to learn from a friend at least once. Learning to surf is practically a right of passage to live here.

6. If you’re feeling bored you just go to Orlando.

While you love this town, it can get a little boring sometimes. Luckily, Orlando is just a stone’s throw away, so you go there a lot to enjoy their many attractions.

7. You feel like you know almost every person who lives in the town.

Even though we are a tourist town, it still feels pretty small. Everyone is a mutual friend of everyone and it’s hard to find someone that you’ve never heard of.

8. Surfinista, Tiny Turtle, Epic Burrito, Taco City, Grill's, and Rock the Guac are your lifeblood and if you’re feeling fancy you go to The Fat Snook.

Cocoa Beach has some of the best restaurants on the Space Coast. You grew up eating good food and never expect anything less.

9. If you had a dollar for every “I love this Island” sticker you’ve seen in your life you’d be a millionaire.

These things are everywhere. They’re the symbol of our friendly neighbor town, Merritt Island, and are commonly seen all around our town when their residents come to our beaches.

10. You know how to avoid Cocoa Beach traffic as much as possible during the summer and rocket launches.

As soon as you got your license, you learned all of the back roads, rush hour times, and alternative routes to avoid A1A as much as possible during tourist season.

11. You refuse to pay for parking at the pier and will find different ways around it.

Parking at the pier can cost as much as $20 on some days, so you will do whatever you can to avoid it. Whether you park at a church, a friend’s house, or at Publix, you’ll do whatever you can to avoid paying to park.

12. Every time you describe to someone where you live you pinpoint the relation of your house to Ron Jon’s.

Ron Jons is like our city’s landmark. Describing where you live in relation to Ron Jon is second nature and the easiest way to describe your location.

13. Kelly Slater is practically a god

His supernatural level talent is awe inspiring and the fact that he’s from Cocoa Beach makes him a symbol of our town. There are multiple Kelly Slater statues around town, but the main one is constantly decorated for holidays and visited by tourists. Not many other towns can say that they’re home to one of the greatest athletes in history!

14. You’ve watched I Dream of Jeannie and have been to the area it was filmed.

Everyone in Cocoa Beach feels kind of famous watching I Dream of Jeannie and recognizing the places where the show was filmed. You probably drive by the main area it was filmed every day.

15. Every time you go on a road trip, you use the Ron Jon’s billboards to figure out how far you are from home.

Who needs a GPS? These signs show up every few miles for a stretch that reaches many states. All roads may lead to Rome, but all billboards lead to Ron Jon’s.

16. The skate park was the coolest place to hang out in middle school.

During your angsty teen years, the skate park was the place to be. Whether you were skating or just watching other people skate, you used to hang out there all the time hoping your crush would notice you.

17. You despise driving near those scoot coupes that tourists love to rent.

Those things are so small and annoying. Tourists, who are notoriously not the best drivers, are always manning them too, making them especially dangerous.

18. You genuinely get annoyed when people confuse Cocoa Beach and Cocoa.

Nothing can make a Cocoa Beach native more mad than telling them they live in Cocoa. Cocoa is another town in Brevard that is not even anything like or very close in location to Cocoa Beach. Educate yourself, everyone.

19. The amount of seafood you’ve eaten in your life is much higher compared to the average person.

This town has some of the best seafood around. Period.

20. Going on a cruise is your family’s go-to vacation.

Port Canaveral is incredibly close by, so whenever your family is thinking of a quick vacation to go you always choose a cruise. For many people going on a cruise is a novelty, but for us its an almost annual thing.

21. The summer boat races and Christmas boat parade are some of your favorite events.

With so many houses on the water, it’s hard not to own or know somebody who owns a boat. The boat races on the beach or the boat parade during Christmas time are always fun events.

22. You wouldn’t trade this town for anything.

This town has a small town feel while still having tons to do. With its prime location, beautiful beaches, restaurants, friendly people, and rich history, Cocoa Beach truly is one of a kind.

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Somewhere along the line, I think people also began to think more about where their money goes, what products they buy and which companies they support. People nowadays choose their products not only for functionality or quality but what that product is intended to express.

Essentially, when we buy a product or wear a certain brand it's often in an attempt to express some sort of value.

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