Ahh, spring time on college campuses. People start running outside again, campus lawns will look like cliche college brochures with students studying outside, and most importantly:

Darty Season will commence.

In the midst of Spring Semester, can we just talk about the Darties? Here's what you can expect:

1. A lot of Hawaiian button-ups.

2. Rooftop selfies

3. Crop tops and converse

4. Hot dogs and pizza

5. Dad bods

6. The classic Vineyard Vines outfit/boat shoes combo

7. Barstool flag group pics

8. Mom jeans

9. Mimosas and Bud Lights for breakfast

10. American flag chubbies or tank tops.

11. Your instagram feed blown up by formal pictures.

12. Girls shotgunning for the first time.

"Can you take a video of me shotgunning?"

14. The guy who shotguns too many Nattys and only makes it to noon.

15. The couch outside pic

16. Expect to see a lot of dogs. (What a time to be alive guys)

17. The #Dartyszn caption

18. Barstool shirts

Here's the link for all of the must-have darty apparel

19. High waisted shirts and a flannel tied around the waist.

20. A go pro video of the EDM concert on campus

21. The classic pic in front of the American flag

22. Guys rocking every jersey they own on rotation.

Happy Darty season, everyone.