22 Things That Happen When You Re-Watch 'The Office'

22 Things That Happen When You Re-Watch 'The Office'

The only time when we will accept "that's what she said" jokes as the pinnacle of comedy.


It's a pretty well-known fact that "The Office" is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. From the ridiculously well-written characters to the countless laughs and tears, the series is guaranteed to keep you smiling. However, watching it once just isn't enough. And when you decide you're ready to start watching it again from the beginning, it's important to know what you're in for.

1. You decide that working in an office might be fun.

The birthday parties? The desks? The shenanigans? While watching "The Office," no line of work can measure up to the excitement and hilarity that ensues within the four walls of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, or so it seems. I may or may not have applied to a couple dozen office internships when I finished re-watching the series last year in a desperate attempt to live out the rest of my life as Kelly Kapoor.

2. Watching season one Pam is like looking at cringe-worthy photos from middle school.

Don't you just want to shake her shoulders and shout, "DUMP ROY!! JIM IS YOUR SOULMATE! STOP SLOUCHING!" Especially when you know how drastically she transforms into a confident, sassy, ambitious butterfly throughout the next few seasons. Admittedly, Pam Beesley's character development is a truly special thing to witness, but watching how reserved and submissive she is in the first season? It's just about as bad as looking at your friend's profile picture from when they thought fishnet fingerless gloves were a good idea. (Note: I was that friend.)

3. You start looking to an imaginary camera in real life situations.

In almost every uncomfortable social situation, it's hard not to pull a Jim. Sometimes you've just got to look off to imaginary camera X and wonder, "Is anyone else seeing this?!"

4. Angela's cat obsession becomes endearing and slightly relatable.

I mean, come on, at the end of the day she just wants to sit and home and hang out with her hilariously named cats. These days, being called a "cat lady" is almost a compliment. (Note: I am called a cat lady very often by my friends. I may be biased.) Sorry, Angela, you just missed the trend.

5. Jim's pranks on Dwight are 10 times as funny as they were the first time.

It seriously never gets old.

6. You feel bad for Michael.

While at first, Michael Scott is the most difficult character to like. It's a whole different story when you're re-watching the series. After understanding just how much love is behind every stupid thing he does, you recognize him as everyone's lame dad who does anything and everything for his kids. And it's important to appreciate him while he's around, since... Nope. I'm not even going there.

7. Receptionist seems like a feasible and slightly romantic career choice.

You've seen the romantic-comedy where the middle-school teacher lands the hunky musician or the ambitious journalist gets with the star athlete who just happens to be the subject or her latest article. But nothing is more exciting than watching the receptionist end up with the paper salesman. This wouldn't have sounded like a particularly thrilling plot before "The Office," but now being a receptionist sounds like a pretty sweet deal. That is, of course, if being a receptionist can guarantee you a house and kids with your flawless husband in under ten years!

8. Watching anything before Jim and Pam finally get together in season four feels like a waste of time.

If I see Roy on my screen for even a split second, I'm going to scream. Don't even get me started on Katy A.K.A. "Purse Girl."

9. For the first and only time in your life you absolutely despise Rashida Jones.

It's sad, because Karen is actually a pretty cool character. But anyone who even remotely messes with Jim and Pam's fairytale is pretty much Satan.

10. You feel like a proud parent watching the birth of great comedians like Ellie Kemper and Mindy Kaling.

There's nothing like watching two famously hysterical comedians get their start as two of the best characters on TV. Now they're both the stars of their own respective TV shows, but we'll never forget their true roots: "Subtle Sexuality."

11. You appreciate the hidden treasure that is Phyllis Vance.

Need I say more?

12. It's embarrassing to watch the Andy/Angela "relationship" unfold.

By season 6, you're like, "I can't believe that ever even happened."

13. You know a shameful amount of paper-industry jargon.

Reams! Toner! Suppliers! Okay, maybe not that much jargon. There really wasn't a lot of actual paper sales talk going on during "The Office," let's be honest.

14. Honestly, seriously, what was the point of Gabe?

This is a serious question. I want someone to tell me.

15. You fall in love all over again with jim and Pam falling in love.

I know it's talked about very often how ideal and beautiful their relationship is, but it's still important to mention, like, at least once a day. Seriously has anyone ever been as hopelessly in love as these two cuties?!

16. But then you realize that the majority of your relationships have been more like Ryan and Kelly's.

17. And then you realize that a love story like Dwight and Angela's wouldn't be so bad either.

18. You come to terms with the fact that your college-self is essentially Meredith Palmer.

Actually, I'm not sure that anyone parties as hard as Meredith Palmer.

19. You cry at all the big moments.

Jim and Pam's proposal/wedding, Michael proposing to Holly, Dwight and Angela confessing their love to each other, Michael leaving and, of course, the very last scene at Dunder Mifflin. I honestly need a tissue just typing about it.

20. You cry at all the small moments.

The rare times when Jim and Dwight are nice to each other, the time when Michael was the only one to go to Pam's art show, the time when Angela confesses to Oscar how much she loves Dwight, the list goes on and on.

21. You cope with the emptiness of finishing this incredible series for the second/third/fourth/hundredth time.

22. You watch it all over again.

Saddle up kids and wipe your tears away. It's time to start again.

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