22 Problems Band Kids Know Too Well

Any kid who has ever participated in band should find these struggles relatable. These problems are in no particular order.

1. Dropping your instrument.

*cue the gasps*

2. Site-reading.

hahahahahhahahhahaha KMS.

3. Breaking a reed.


4. When the director says, "One more time!"

This is the biggest lie in the history of lies and should never be believed.

5. Trumpets.

So many things...

6. Getting a piece of music stuck in your head all day.

This problem isn't as big as most would think it is, but it's pretty bad considering almost all band arrangements don't have words. *insert upside down smiley face*

7. When you have to sit next to someone in concert band who doesn't know the difference between forte and mezzo-piano.

Insert another upside down smiley face here. This is too real.

8. When people not in band make American Pie jokes around you.

"This one time at band camp..." AH, YES. GOOD JOKE. NEVER HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE.

9. The glorious sock tan from marching band.

It looks like I'm wearing a sock, but I'm not.

10. Any audition for anything ever.

Bad. Always bad. Even when you think it could possibly be good, but it's still bad.

11. Spit.

The downfall of playing a wind instrument is that you have to put it in your mouth. Lots of saliva. Lots of germs. Yuck.

12. Dropping your sheet music in a pile of spit.

Even worse!!!!!!!

13. When you take your instrument home to practice... and then you don't practice.

It happens to the best of us.

14. Band couples.

Sometimes really cute. Mostly really gross.

15. The under-appreciation for band in any social setting.

You learn to get over it.

16. When the announcer at a marching band competition can't pronounce the drum major(s) name(s) correctly.

This causes more anger than one ever thought they could produce.

17. Pomp and Circumstance.

Enough said.

18. Having to play a piece of music in the concert key of B.

Yeah, um. What the heck???????

19. When you're counting a long rest in a piece of music and then the director cuts off right before you come in.

"I'm a peacock, Captain! You gotta let me fly!"

20. When you lose count during a long rest in a piece of music and then the director gets mad at you.

They're probably more disappointed than mad, tbh.

21. Getting your cork grease and chapstick mixed up.

Now your instrument smells like cherries and your lips smell like a gym floor.

22. Knowing sometime in your life, you will no longer be doing band.

Even though there are a lot of problems that come from band, there is no greater reward than band itself.

Comment below any band problems that I failed to mention that should be recognized!!

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