For many, writing an essay serves as an extremely long and emotional process, filled with an amalgamation of all kinds of life-changing thoughts. It’s a scary time. One in which a person is able to question his/her abilities, existence, and poor choices (oftentimes regarding excessive caffeine intake).Therefore, it is important and necessary that we take a moment to reminisce on all of the ridiculous thoughts we have all possessed along the way.

1. I probably should have gone to class.

2. I’m not even sure if I’m writing English right now.

3. If I make my font size .5 bigger will anyone notice?

4. Wow. I'm actually a professional bullshitter.

5.Wait hold on.. I have no clue what I’m writing.

6. No “Whence” is not the same as “therefore.”

7. Alright. Who can I pay to write this for me?

8. Is it still considered plagiarism if I cite the person I stole this essay from?

9. Obviously they make us use "Times New Roman." It's the smallest f*cking font.

10. If I fail this essay, it'll be alright. I have other talents.

11. WHY ME?

12. Maybe if I take a nap this will all just disappear.

13. All those years of school and I still can't tell you what the hell MLA format is.

14. At this rate, I'm going to grow white hairs before the caffeine hits me.

15. I'm just gonna marry rich.

16. Grammar is so unnecessary.

17. I think I’m just repeating myself at this point.

18. Yes. Checking Instagram every five minutes does in fact enhance my writing capabilities.

19. I did not ask to be brought into this world.

20. 9-11 I am NOT okay.

21. I need twelve pages and I'm at a solid six right now.

21. Okay. I give up. This is as good as it's getting.