21 Thoughts You Have When You Finally Turn 21

This past Friday, I officially became a legal, alcohol-consuming adult.

Aside from the obvious excitement, there are a few nit-picky aspects of finally being legal. Here are a few other thoughts that crossed my mind upon turning the big "twenty-fun."


2. Gonna go buy some booze-but hold up, my license is still lamely vertical.

3. DMV on my birthday- Frick yeah!

4. Well, apparently it costs 50 DOLLARS to turn 21 in America.

5. ...And another week until I get my bitchin horizontal license.

6. Ok, picture time. This picture needs to say "Hello world, I'm 21, legally here to enter bars without anxiety."

7. That really wasn't my best angle.

8. So, the temporary can't be used as ID? Well, time to bring my passport- to all the bars. I hope they stamp it.

9. I can't wait to celebrate.

10. Oh, hello there, waiter. You need some form of identification? Other than the fact you can clearly see I've been to Europe, take a look at my birth date. It's my birthday. I'm 21.

11. First legal sip wooo!

12. Not gonna lie, that was kind of anticlimactic.

13. But screw it, let's get another round!

14. I can get in anywhere, peasants.

15. Why do I still get anxiety ordering alcohol though?

16. Holy crap. I'm getting kind of old.

17. I'm only 9 years away from 30!

18. And less than a year away from graduating.

19. Crisis!

20. I'll take another fruity drink please.

21. But let's be real- this is so much cooler than any other bday.

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