21 Things I Learned In 21 Years Of Life

21 Things I Learned In 21 Years Of Life

Learn to laugh at yourself.

I am two decades and one day wiser. I have learned, I have laughed and I have lost. Some may consider themselves an adult at 21, I still feel much like a child.

In lieu of my 21st birthday, here’s a list of a few things I have learned during my 21 years of life.

1. Always shop at Goodwill

2. Put your phone down when you're outside

3. Make time to watch the sunset, its good for the soul

4. Liquor over beer, always

5. It's only awkward if you make it awkward

6. Emergen-C saves lives

7. Take LOTS of pictures, don't feel embarrassed

8. Spend money on experiences- not things (unless at Goodwill)

9. Go pet that dog

10. Always eat before a long night out

11. Bring hot sauce to Spain !! and ranch !!

12. People will come in and out of your life, don't take it personally

13. Make time to stretch and meditate every night before bed

14. Make your bed every morning, you'll feel less stress and it promotes productivity throughout the day

15. You'll never be perfect, don't expect your parents to be either

16. Look after your siblings, they'll all you'll have left

17. Always forgive, grudges hurt you more than anyone else

18. Learn to laugh at yourself

19. Think before you speak, you never know the full story

20. It is okay to move on and away from comfortability, that is when you really get to live

21. Learn to love yourself, and love everyone and everything around you. The world needs more of it.

With greater age comes greater knowledge. The capacity of knowledge is boundless. We can never stop learning.

At this moment in time, I’m not exactly sure where life will take me, but I do know I’ll have the opportunity to learn so much along the way. In 21 more years, who know's where my lessons will take me.

Cover Image Credit: Chynna Chan

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Poetry On Odyssey: A Survivor's Tale

A limerick describing my thoughts.

Due to a shaky week in which I have been forced to reexamine my life and choices, I will not be able to grace you, my readers, with an endless soliloquy like I usually do. So instead, I shall grace you with a simple but meaningful poem I wrote myself in limerick style.

I call it "A Survivor's Tale" giving a look inside my journey of overcoming my personal demons:

A Survivor's Tale

Since I was but only eleven,

I wanted to go up to heaven.

But staying on Earth,

For all that it's worth,

Will do until year ninety-seven.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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5 Steps To Putting Your Bad Day On A Cloud And Watching It Float Away

Here's a hint: Dogs.

Bad days. They happen. Bad weeks. They also happen. It's nothing to get discouraged about...they're normal. Life wouldn't be the hell of a rollercoaster we know all too well without them. In fact, if someone told me they've never had a day where they come home and tell themselves "Today was absolutely horrible," they're lying.

Things to get you through the bad days?

1. Curling up with a fuzzy blanket and spending time with you and only you.

Sometimes, all you need is to be alone. People can be overwhelming, no matter how much you love the certain special ones in your life. This is the time to take a deep breath, lay on the floor in the center of you room, and play the "Your Favorite Coffeehouse" playlist on Spotify (my personal favorite), and just let it all out.

2. Go adventuring!

Who doesn't love a good spontaneous adventure? Whatever it may be, it can cover up the bad events of the day and give you something to smile about!

3. Spend time with your best friend.

They know that if you just want silence, they'll give it to you. Sit and watch a movie, eat some Chinese food, and focus on forgetting about what happened while having their presence. A silent room with the people you love in it can go a long way.

4. Dogs.

Honestly, this is always going to be an option on how to get happy again because who doesn't love these furry creatures? The answer is always dogs. Lots and lots of dogs.

5. Remember one key thing...

Tomorrow will always come. The moon will fall and the sun will rise and just like that, it's a brand new day. You can always start fresh, ready to take on the day more than ever. Get your revenge on the past day, make it feel bad for putting you down, and kick some ass.

The important thing to keep in mind is good days happen too...way more often than bad ones. There are days that you wake up, feel fantastic, and go head first into the morning feeling and knowing you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. And when those days happen, the bad ones blur into your distant memory and it's like they never even happened.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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