Some days I can't help but reflect on the awesome mom I have. That woman literally does everything. When I reflect on my mom, I want to thank her for all she does but I can't ever seem to repay her enough.

1. Thank you for teaching me to be independent.

2. Thank you for never failing to show me love and

not just telling me.

3. Thank you for being a Godly example of the mom I want to be one day.

4. Thank for pushing me to live out my dreams.

5. Thank you for letting me know that being a woman doesn't make me below anyone.

6. Thank you for teaching me to be humble.

7. Thank you for giving and giving and NEVER expecting a drop in return.

8. Thank you for inspiring me to be the best me.

9. Thank you (and dad) for showing me a beautiful, Godly, example of a marriage.

10. Thank you for teaching me that you can never be overdressed.

11. Thank you for always building me up, even if I thought you were doing otherwise.

12. Thank you for not being my best friend but my authority first.

13. Thank you for being caring.

14. Thank you for never trying to change me, but mold me into who I am today.

15. Thank you for pouring into me daily.

16. Thank you for being so selfless.

17. Thank you for being a working mom.

18. Thank you for never missing a single function of mine.

19. Thank you for having rules and enforcing them.

20. Thank you for giving me every trait of yours.

21. Thank you, mom, for being exactly the mom I need. You are the best.