21 Reminders for Year 21
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21 Reminders for Year 21

In response to the 20 things I learned before I turned 21, here are 21 things I need to keep in mind this year.

21 Reminders for Year 21

1. Finding yourself is a never ending process.

You'll be happiest if you stop trying to constrain who you are, and stop limiting the possibilities of who you'll become.

2. Change is the most rewarding when it's the scariest.

You won't always be prepared, but you can always be excited for every curve-ball life throws your way.

3. It's okay to be single.

And when you stumble upon a boy who likes it, he'll put a ring on it - stop worrying.

4. Every time you see a cute boy... tell him he's a cute boy.

What's the worst thing he can say... thank you?

5. Thank God for the bad times just as much as you do for the good.

You'll be better because of the struggle, stronger because of the pain, and wiser after the lessons.

6. Keep taking those car rides, screaming along to the radio.

They're pretty therapeutic, and I'm pretty sure they help keep you sane.

7. Do some spontaneous things.

The best stories come from days and nights that weren't planned in advance.

8. Every concert you desire to go to... do it.

I don't know if there is any feeling better than singing or rapping along with one of your favorite artists and a thousand other fans.

9. Dance on every bar that you can.

And you better dance your little butt off.

10. You can order margaritas at a family dinner!

(look dad right in the eye every single time you do).

11. Don't start biting your nails again.

It's such an unattractive habit, and you look so cute and womanly with your nails finally growing out!

12. You're not too old for a teddy bear.

Will you ever be too old for Toby? No?

That's fine.

13. Whenever you need a good cry... Grey's Anatomy.

Seriously... how many times have you cried over the same episodes? No sense in stopping now.

14. Enjoy your last year of fake-adulting.

The real world is going to hit you hard and fast, girlfriend. Prepare for impact.

15. Go on a road trip with friends this year.

There's so much to see, so much to do, and so many laughs to be had before you and your friends find husbands and make babies

16. Always, always, always speak up for yourself and what you believe in.

People can only learn, when they are taught. Use your voice and educate.

17. When in doubt, Olivia Pope it out.

Wine. Relationships. Life. Olivia will guide you through.

18. Need I say it...?

Hair done, nails done, Olive Garden, party of one. Spoil yourself

19. Don't forget to take some (a million) selfies.

You won't always know your angles the way that you do now.

20. Be selfish.

There will come a day when you have a family of your own to put before yourself. Until then, you better put you first.

21. Lastly, you are only 21....

Act like it. It's time to make a mess. It's time to make memories. It's time to have fun.

Whenever you're sad, exhausted, discouraged - come back and read this list. Pick yourself and keep it moving, do whatever you need to do to get rid of that negative energy. You'll never be as young as you are right now.

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