Twitter is a social media platform where you can always find at least one thing to laught at, so when you have lots of people in your life who are super funny, one way to tell other people how funny they are is by tweeting about them. So here you have it, I went back through my tweets to find all the funniest ones ft. me, my mother, my grandma, and more.

1. Mom: "What time is it, like 11:30?" Me: "8:45" Mom: "UGHHHH"

2. "Holy crap I need a juicebox" - Mom

3. My mom ordering a whopper: "No pickle, heavy mayo on that please."
DT Lady: "You said heavy pickle, no onion right?" My mom: "Oh lord."

4. "My mom just found a 200 peso coin in her wallet."

5. Old people probs: "I practically tore my bed apart last night - I woke up and couldn't find my bottom teeth!" - My grandma.

6. Sister to her children: "Will you guys get your coats on please?" Niece to my sister: "No."

7. "My niece just tripped over a pillow so I said, "good one, Em." and she dead looks at me and says, "I'm doing parkour."

8. "If there was a store that sold common sense, I'd go and buy you some."

9. "My mom just convinced her friend that her E-Cig was a pen that is a mini taser."

10. "It's always sunny on planet cool."

11. "My sister was on her phone scrolling and my niece reached over and pushed the sleep button so it would turn off while she was on it."

12. "You were looking at hoes until I looked."

13. "So since I've turned my mom into a Grey's Anatomy monster, I woke up and came downstairs to find out that she watched 6 hours of it without me."

14. "Both my nephews stuck toys down the toilet and then proceeded to bring them into the living room and sit them down on the couch. #happythanksgiving"

15. "So far this morning my sisters dog has thrown up on the carpet, my nephew has thrown up EVERYWHERE, and my cat stepped in candle wax."

16. "I don't even watch the Bachelor but I'm already nervous to watch the Snapchat watch party next week to find out what happens."

17. "There's a group of freshmen in the nail salon right now and I can't even tell ya how glad I am that I had a bomb mother to raise me because these girls need Jesus."

18. "*has SAT in 3 hours* *thinks I'm going to kill it* *realizes I've left my calculator at school* *accepts defeat*"

19. "Playing my mom in cup pong for iMessage is my new fav thing."

20. *sees picture of jeans that are held together by sets of laces and only the laces* "That'll be a no from me."

21. "The worst part about college is not being able to tell someone, 'Sorry, my mom said no' when you don't want to hangout."

Twitter is, always has been and always will be a wonderland for hilarity and extreme relatability with the perfect amount of memes. I'm just happy I could share how funny I (sometimes) tend to be and all the funny people I have around me.