21 Frights In The Haunted House That is College Life
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21 Frights In The Haunted House That is College Life

That bump in the night is the sound of your GPA falling

21 Frights In The Haunted House That is College Life

College: the scenic hub that is home to all of your student nightmares. To the outsider, it appears to be a beautiful place full of cute squirrels and peaceful students reading on a grassy courtyard. By the time midterms come around, however, all a college student sees is a series of unfortunate academic and financial plot twists that include no sleep and too much coffee. Here are 21 spooky thrills that are the cause of every undergrad's mental breakdown.

1. A late Sunday night

A late Saturday night is a good night. A late Sunday night means you procrastinated all weekend and are now trying to make up 10+ hours of studying/homework before your 8 am class tomorrow.

2. A squirrel taking your last piece of food

No seriously, I've seen this happen. Knowing that some students can barely afford to eat in general makes the sight all the more tragic.

3. Student loans

The nightmare that follows you for years and years and years.

4. A group project

Looks like I'll be meeting up at the library around midnight for the rest of the week, since that's literally the only time everyone is free.

5. No internet connection

Why is this happening? How am I suppose to finish my homework? How am I going to check Twitter? My phone doesn't even have signal in here. Why am I the only one freaking out?

6. Textbook prices

The dollar I'm going to make back for this book at the end of the semester is going to make this all worth it though, right?

7. Campus parking

It's like you want us to start off the day in a bad mood.

8. News headlines

Let's be real, there is nothing scarier than the reality we live in.

9. An unpaid Netflix account

Netflix is an escape from the stress that is your daily life. Taking it away might just be enough to break you.

10. A Spotify playlist with the Despacito remix on it... twice

This has surpassed torture, it's madness.

11. Career fairs

Behold: A room full of college students pretending to know what they are doing with their lives. Observe as they hand out resumes that they've worked on since freshman year (and are still unsatisfied with) to a bunch of well dressed strangers.

12. A closed Starbucks

I'm running on 3 hours of sleep, and you're telling me that there's absolutely no caffeine available in this building? Someone's going to have to hold me up.

13. Realizing that classes aren't cancelled even though campus is flooded

I might die on the way to class, but I was already dying on the inside before this, so what's the difference?

14. Seeing a negative balance in your checking account

Someone's gonna have to bring me back to life, because I think my heart just stopped.

15. A pop quiz on the one day that you neglected to go over the reading

You hate me, don't you?

16. Forgetting your umbrella during a wash out

Because nothing feels better than a soggy pair of Nikes and a stiff pair of jeans.

17. A low GPA

They say a number can't define you. Someone tell that to grad school.

18. Failing a test and finding out everyone else passed it

Not to mention I actually studied for this.

19. Back to back finals

I guess studying for one cumulative final at a time wouldn't make me cry out of frustration enough, huh?

20. Getting sick during a busy week

The only good thing about being sick is getting to stay home and have your mom make you chicken soup. Unfortunately, I can't stay home, no one is going to make me soup, and I'm miserable.

21: The future

The unknown just might be the most terrifying of all.

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