21 TV Shows You Completely Forgot About
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21 TV Shows You Completely Forgot About

Sure, everyone remembers MTV Cribs and Room Raiders, but what about the rest of these 2000's television gems?

21 TV Shows You Completely Forgot About

You ever just wake up and the first thing on your mind is a long, lost, early 2000s TV show? No? Just me? Well, my nostalgia was in full force so I did some digging and found a whole bunch of programs from the amazing 2000's era that I guarantee you haven't thought about in over a decade.


This reality TV series aired on VH1. Secret cameras were planted in cars and there was an accomplice who would submit their friend, the driver of the vehicle, to the show in order to be featured in the competition.

The driver who sang the most won a prize of some sort, all while being secretly filmed.

"Viva La Bam"

The best part of the Viva La Bam was Bam's parent's, let's be real. They were hilarious. This reality TV series followed skateboarder and Jackass affiliate around in his crazy life. Like putting an alligator in his mom's house.

"Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" 

My early 2000s heart is pounding, I loved this show! This reality series featured Jessica Simpson and her then-husband Nick Lachey in their everyday, casual, celebrity lives.

"Date My Mom"

This MTV dating show would feature one bachelor/bachelorette who would then go on a date with three contestants moms, not the contestant.

What better way to really get to know someone right?


Made was a wholesome TV series that would help teens accomplish goals and dreams and the show helps them transform their teen lives.

"The Ashlee Simpson Show"

Whatever happened to the Simpsons... they definitely were having a moment a decade ago... anyway, this reality series followed Ashlee in her life as she worked on music and acting.

"Flavor of Love"

This show was better than any season of the Bachelor, don't @ me.

Flavor Flav would have his 20 contestants living in one house while he embarked on a mission to find true love. Also, they got clock necklaces and not roses so step it up, Bachelor.

"Hogan Knows Best"

This series gave us an inside look to WWE's Hulk Hogan and his family. Being a dad isn't easy no matter who you are.

"Run's House"

This MTV series gave us the inside look of former rapper Rev. Run and his large family. The episodes ended with him typing up a sermon on his blackberry in a bubble bath. Classic.

"Parental Control"

This show on MTV was where a son or daughter would be dating someone awful, so Mom and Dad would pick out three people to go on a date with their child, while mom, dad and the significant other watched from home.

"The Hills" 

A spin-off of Laguna Beach, this show focused on the rich lives of Lauren Conrad and friends in their lavish life of living in Los Angles.

"A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila"

Popular from her "videos" on the internet, Tila Tequila was on the search for her one true love, and to be honest probably one of the first bi-sexual love contests on TV at the time.

"Silent Library"

SIlent Libray was a contest show that gave you loads of money if you could just keep quiet while completing a number of weird and odd challenges.


Next was a dating show that would keep all the contests on a bus, and one at a time they would go on a date.

But, at any time on the date if the person wasn't feeling it they could simply scream "NEXT" and the date was over and the next contestant would come off the bus. Why did this show ever go away??

"My Life As Liz"

This mockumentary followed Liz, a redheaded high schooler, in her journey through high school with social problems, boy problems, and singing.

"All That" 

Basically Saturday Night Live for kids, this show premeired on Teen Nick.

"What I Like About You"

Two sisters who are very different end up living together, and the show takes us through their lives together as sisters and friends. I love love loved this show.


Post-playboy life, this realty series documented Kendra in her own personal home life.

"7th Heaven"

This series followed the lives of a large family and their everyday troubles with life, love, and kids.

"Reno 911!"

The scripted cops in Reno, Nevada.

It's interestingly comical when I see Reno clips surface around Facebook and the smarty pants people aren't familiar with the show and really believe officers somewhere act like that.

"Jon and Kate Plus 8"

I think now Jon is out of the picture, but it used to be them two and their gaggle of kids.

TLC knew how to bring the drama, and who wouldn't want to watch parents handle 8 children.

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