I could not wait to turn 21. I had never been so excited for a birthday. 21 is fun and all, but it is not everything I had hoped it would be. Ever since turning 21 two months ago, a lot has changed and a lot has remained the same. Here are 21 facts about being 21:

1. Getting excited to finally be carded to buy alcohol, but never actually getting carded.

2. Paying $9 for a shot of Patron.

3. Hangovers now last at least 3 days.

4. Cringing every time you check your bank account because it is rapidly dwindling.

5. Still asking your parents or grandparents for gas money.

6. Losing $20 in 12 minutes at the casino.

7. Dropping your phone and cracking the screen and not being able to afford to replace it.

8. Spending more money on drinks than food.

9. Going into panic mode any time graduation is mentioned.

10. Never thinking twice about accepting free stuff.

11. Stuck between getting drunk on a Tuesday night or finishing that essay due in a couple days, but end up comprising and doing both at the same time.

12. Some of your friends are getting married and having babies, and some are still sleeping until noon every day.

13. Pretending your credit card debt does not exist.

14. Never turning down an opportunity to go out and drink with friends.

15. Regretting all the poor choices you have made the past 21 years.

16. Seeing the look of disappointment on your family member's face when you order a drink at a family dinner.

17. Attempting to do adult things like going to brunch and drinking mimosas.

18. Trying to find someone to come pick you up from TGI Friday's after you have had one too many Jager bombs.

19. Getting drunk on a Friday afternoon and attempting to buy another puppy.

20. Trying to get your family to take you seriously.

21. Thinking you have your whole life figured out when in reality you have no idea what you are doing.