21 Albums To Play On Road Trips
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21 Albums To Play On Road Trips

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21 Albums To Play On Road Trips
Flora Nguyen

As the summer approaches, plans with family or friends for a road trip begin. You could be driving across the country, to the state next door, touring a new city or lounging at the beach. Either way, you need something to keep you preoccupied during the drive. What better way to stay awake and bond with everyone in the car than rolling the windows down and jammin' to great albums!

Here are some albums that will make great sing-a-longs during the ride:

1. Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots

The duo, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, created a masterpiece when they wrote this album. In my opinion, all of the songs are brilliant and there's no song I would skip on this album. Starting the journey with "Car Radio", "Not Today", or "Ride" would set the vibe of the trip. It is a great album to play when commuting (to school or work) as well because it gets you mentally and physically pumped up until you reach your destination.

2. Revival - Selena Gomez

The queen of Instagram released her best album yet with "Revival". It is an album to play if you want to imagine you're on stage and show some sass. "Revival" has great up-beat songs like "Me & The Rhythm" as well as some slow songs like "Perfect".

3. Wide Awake - Parachute

Parachute's latest album has 12 songs for any mood you're in. "Getaway" and "Crave" are songs that can get the whole car to bob their heads. "New Orleans" is the single from the album and it is the song to listen to when you're heading in that direction.

4. Kids in Love - The Mowgli's

"I'm Good" is the debut single for The Mowgli's. The whole album has a "feel good" vibe to it which makes it a great road trip album!

5. These Things Happen – G-Eazy

The Bay area rapper has finally made it onto the radio with his single "Me, Myself, and I". But his album "These Things Happen" is my favorite with "Shoot Me Down", "Let's Get Lost", "I Mean It, and "Far Alone" on the track list.

6. Know It All – Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara is the artist to look out for. She may be young but her album "Know It All" shows so much maturity. She grasps the emotions teenagers are currently feeling with songs like "Here" and "I'm Yours". This is also another album that I would not skip a song.

7. i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it - the 1975

The English indie band, the 1975, is a hidden gem in the music industry. Their concerts are like an experience that no other band can compare to. The latest album with a lengthy title shows a new side (different from their first two albums) with songs "Love Me", "Paris", and "Loving Someone". This is a great album to listen to when the car needs some peace and quiet.

8. Magazines or Novels - Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer's latest album titled "Magazines or Novels" is his best so far! This is another album that I wouldn't dare skip a song. "Co-Pilot", "Blame It On The Stars", "Forever, and "Back Home" are a few songs that make fun sing-a-longs for everyone in the car to groove to.

9. 1989 - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's first all-pop album defeated all odds when she released this amazing album. There are seven songs from this album played on the radio, which is rare. Everyone knows the lyrics to all of the songs which makes for a fun and energetic atmosphere.

10. Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong - for King & Country

This Grammy winning-Australian-Christian band has done wonders with this album. "Run Wild", "Shoulders", "Fix My Eyes", "It's Not Over Yet", and "Priceless" are currently playing on Christian radios all over the world. A hidden gem in this album is "Without You" which talks about Luke's sickness and his wife's response that she doesn't want to live without him. *cries*

11. Badlands - Halsey

Halsey's debut album,"Badlands", takes you on its own adventure. "Badlands is a reference to Halsey's state of mind while writing the album, to give a physical place as a metaphor for a desolate and lonely mind". The whole album is cohesive and full of imagery which will make the car ride go by smoothly.

12. VHS - X Ambassador

You may have heard "Renegades" and "Unsteady" making its way up on the radio charts. This alternative rock band is killing it with this debut album. It is an album experience with catchy tunes and genuine "real talk" lyrics. If you like Imagine Dragons, you will surely like this group!

13. Nine Track Mind - Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth made his first debut on the Fast and Furious song, "See You Again". He has proven to the world that he is not just a one hit wonder. Charlie has a unique voice that can make you want to melt on the ground. "We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez", "Then There's You", and "Suffer" are some beautiful love/heartbreaking songs that many can relate to.

14. American Beauty/American Psycho -Fall Out Boy

The pop/punk/alternative/rock band have been creating records for over a decade. This album can get your blood rushing through your body and fill it with energy and adrenaline. "The Kids Aren't Alright", "Jet Pack Blues", and "Centuries" are passionate tunes that could probably start a revolution.

15. AM - Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys' fifth album has made a lasting impression. "Do I Wanna Know", "R U Mine?","Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High", and "Snap Out Of It" are the more popular songs that have a catchy and foot-tappin' vibe to it.

16. too weird to live, too rare to die -Panic! at the Disco

The new sound brings out new vibes like a scandalous ex-girlfriend, "Miss Jackson", a dark, dramatic synth "Casual Affair", and a song with a big chorus, "This is Gospel". This album has an electro-pop feel to it and it does not disappoint.

17. Blue Neighborhood - Troye Sivan

This is an aesthetic pleasing album from Youtube sensation,Troye Sivan. He shows his vulnerable side to the world with powerful ballads like "TALK ME DOWN" and a darker side with "Bite". This is another soothing album to listen to when the moment calls for it.

18. White Noise - Pvris

The alternative band that reminds me of Paramore recently released a new album titled "White Noise". But the songs do not reflect the name of the album. It is an album filled with emotion, diversity (vocally and lyrically), and puts you in a state of euphoria. A few favorites are "My House" and "St. Patrick". This is a great album if you're on the interstate for a long time because it calms your nerves while driving.

19. Unbreakable Smile - Tori Kelly

Grammy-nominated (should be Grammy-winner) singer/songwriter, Tori Kelly, slays as usual with this album. Her powerful voice matches up to her powerful songs throughout the whole album. Tori covers every emotion and situation in this album. "City Dove", "Anyway", and "Hollow" are great examples of how simple yet authentic Tori can be. This is another light-hearted album that can make a great sing-a-long.

20. Symphony Soldier - The Cab

In my opinion, this is The Cab's best album so far. It is quite diverse yet so cohesive at the same time. "Angel With A Shotgun", "Temporary Bliss", "Bad", "Endlessly", and "Intoxicated" are (equally) all my favorites off the album. The lead vocalist, Alex DeLeon, has a silky and charming voice that can make their songs stuck in your head for days. This is another album that will get the crew feeling excited for their destination if you roll down the windows and turn up the album.

21. High School Musical

Yes, all three of them. We all know the lyrics (yes the guys know them too.) I mean there's nothing more entertaining than dramatically singing "Gotta Go My Own Way" with the person next to you or singing every part of the "Senior Year Spring Musical". Road trips are about having fun with your favorite people, there's nothing funner than boppin' to the top with the HSM cast!

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