20 Things to Thank Your Boyfriend For

20 Things to Thank Your Boyfriend For

Love, girlfriends everywhere.

Good boyfriends deal with a lot from their girlfriends, and it's so easy to get so comfortable with our boyfriends that we often forget to thank them for all they do for us. So thank you...

1. For dealing with my mood swings...

Us girls, we get mad over literally anything. Throw in mood swings and PMS'ing... yeah, all I can say is I'm sorry.

2. ... And my hanger.

Thanks for understanding that I need to be fed every 5-6 hours, or the beast will come out. (I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry.)

3. For always letting me eat your fries.

Even when I said I wasn't hungry.

4. For not getting mad when I can't make a decision.

AKA, I say "I don't care," but I say no to every restaurant you suggest.

5. For telling me that I am beautiful, even when I don't believe you.

Even if I think I look awful, you always tell me that I am beautiful. Thank you for taking the time each and every day to tell me that I am beautiful. It really means the world.

6. For giving me all of the attention.

I'm aware that I am needy, and you are also aware of this, so thank you for always giving me the attention that I need, and never complaining once about it.

7. For tirelessly easing my jealous nature.

Even though I know I have no reason at all to be jealous, I'm insecure- so sue me! Thank you for always debunking my insecurities and assuring me that I am the apple of your eye.

8. And for letting me be nosy.

It's out of love, I swear. Thank you for not changing your phone passcode when I saw you type it in and I remembered it on the second try. I don't feel the need to snoop, but even if I did, I know you have nothing to hide. Thank you for assuring me of that and proving to me that you really don't have anything to hide.

9. For spoiling me.

Not only do you spoil me with your time, attention, and affection, you are also fair in that you stick to our deal of paying for our meals every other meal out. So thank you for all those times you bought me dinner, even when I tried to pay for myself. Thank you for being a gentleman and doing the little things, like buying my ticket to the play without a second thought. Your generosity is appreciated, and reciprocated as much as I can.

10. For always leaving the toilet seat up.

And if you're wondering if there will ever be a time when this doesn't piss me off, the answer is no. At this point, I just accept that you are never going to change on this, and I don't really expect anything less.

11. For listening to me complain about my problems.

Sometimes a girl just needs a venting session about problems at work, with friends, family, or whatever else may be bothering her. So thanks for letting me rant about whatever is bothering me that day... even if you're not really listening.

12. For cuddling me.

No matter what time of day or condition, my cuddle demand is always met.

13. For taking selfies with me.

Even though you hate pictures, you know it makes me happy to take pictures with you. Thank you for the serious pictures together, and the funny ones, because we all know how different Instagram and Snapchat couple photos are.

14. For playing with my hair.

My happy place is laying with my head on your chest while you play with my hair. It's just so relaxing and calming, especially after a long day.

15. For carrying in the groceries.

Even when I insist I can do it. Your help is greatly appreciated, especially when you carry them all in in only one trip!

16. For scratching my back in the spots I can't reach.

Right... left... other left... higher... lower... a little to the right more...

17. For watching my favorite movies with me.

I watch your superhero movies that I couldn't care less about, and you return the favor by watching my favorite chick flicks with me (even if you're on your phone most of the time) and holding me when I cry at the end.

18. For not getting mad when I hog the bed...

And all the blankets. Sorry for all the nights you froze because you couldn't pull the blankets out of my grasp.

19. For getting used to my snoring.

I'm sorry, I can't help it, okay?

20. For making me happy.

No matter how bad of a day I had, or how sick I may be, you are the one who effortlessly cheers me up, not only with your presence, but you are always at the ready with a funny comment or an old inside joke or funny memory to crack me up. No matter what, being with you always improves my mood. Seeing you happy makes me happy, and I couldn't ask for anything better than being with you.

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There Is More To Cole & Sav LaBrant Than Their Social Media Highlight Reel

A perfect social media feed doesn't equal a perfect life.


When you see Cole and Savannah LaBrant you likely focus on their to-die-for relationship, their beautiful daughter, Everleigh, and their blessing on the way.

Maybe you also see their success with social media as a career and their sweet Cali life. When we're on the outside looking in it might seem as if they have a perfect life. But, that isn't necessarily the truth.

There is more to them than the highlight reel that we see on our screens.

Now, I'm not saying that they don't have a great life.

They are living the life that God has planned and prepared them for and it is so beautiful to watch. It wasn't always this way for them though. There was a long path to get to the place where they are now and it wasn't a walk in the park. I feel like it's so easy for us to look past people who are famous or successful and write them off as perfect human beings who have no problems.

We forget that these people have stories too, and their stories matter.

There is more to the person than the fame and success and the likes and followers and the subscribers and shares and so on.

Savannah and Cole have a wonderful, God-centered, loving relationship, but Savannah hasn't always had that great of a relationship with men. As a child, she witnessed her mother and father divorce. In high school, she had her heart broken and was mistreated by boyfriends and she became a young, single mother in college.

Cole is a man of God and grew up in church but went through a period of time when he watched his mother struggle with her faith and that can be difficult and confusing to deal with.

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In their new book, Cole and Savannah open up about their lives before and after their relationship, the good and the bad.

They also tell about their totally crazy first encounter and how their relationship came to be. It's so raw and real and you really get to know them deeper than what we know from their social media profiles, that's what I really like about it.

The success and the fame, yeah sure that is a big part of their life, but if you take the time to get to know their story you see that there is so much more to who they are and what they do.

Image Credit: Cole LaBrant on Instagram

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