To Not Have "Expectations" for 2022
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To Not Have "Expectations" for 2022

Expectation-Free Zone

To Not Have "Expectations" for 2022

2019-2021 was definitely one crazy ride so far. There’s been so many changes. So many overturns happening ever since the start of the pandemic. The fact that there is now a new variant of COVID-19 doesn’t make things much simpler for us.

Let’s start with 2019. In 2019, we were least expecting a pandemic to come and swiple us off of our normal lives. The pandemic brought a great cost to most of our lives, where we fell into insanity and a fear of the unknown: the COVID-19. As people, we don’t expect something so abnormal that can change everything, to happen on a daily basis.

We have to admit it. The pandemic was difficult for all of us. We often found ourselves struggling to make it through the past couple years since it all began. Schools have been closing, businesses and shops too, it’s been a wild journey for everyone and it still is.

Even if we want answers, some of it isn’t given to us. The hardest thing to do is not have fear of the unknown. Although most of us have already found out through others or the news about where COVID-19 came from, there’s still mysterious undisclosed truths such as why now? Why not a hundred years ago.

I have previously wrote an article about the depths of simulation that we “may” possibly be in, according to scientific and mathematical evidence. Based on different formulas and reasoning, this could all very well be a simulation that we are living in, at the moment. It might not feel like it, but we would never know.

For 2022 to come across as the grand year we are hoping for, there would need to be some changes in our expectations for the New Year. Because we have already been through quite some struggles in the last couple of years, it’s only human nature of us to want something good to come out of this year. But we also have to keep in mind that we don’t know when this will end and if things are going to stay the same or become worse in 2022. The mysteries of it all causes us to feel “small” and as if we are stuck in a void that keeps spinning in one direction.

Most people associate the New Year with positivity and happiness. None of those are things to be left out in the star of 2022 but there is also a small part of reality where we will have to admit to ourselves that this is not “all” that we can have. Because of the unfinished business with the pandemic and even other possible problems coming onto the surface as the years pass by, we can’t limit ourselves to thinking that there will only be “good” in the world, when we know that more than half of the obstacles we have faced in the past few years are nothing close to the definition of “good” that we all know.

Although people say, “life is what you make it,” some challenges are just almost unavoidable. Let’s look at this pandemic for example: we can’t say that the pandemic wasn’t a challenge for us all. Even if we tried to think optimistically in the hopes that it will all go back to normal soon, the things we hear and see could make us think otherwise in a split second.

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