2019 Goals that are far more superior than losing weight
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2019 Goals That Are More Important Than A Summer Body

The new year is well under way, but it is never too late to make resolutions to improve your life and make this the best year yet.

2019 Goals That Are More Important Than A Summer Body

I, like most 20-something-year-old girls, feel like there is a major emphasis to lose weight after the holidays so that once beach season comes around we won't be ashamed to take off our coverups. My first response to this is that you don't need to lose weight to love the body you're in! Secondly, I am so sick of every year making my resolution involve my looks, which is why this year all my resolutions focus on making myself feel good! Hopefully these goals inspire you to put yourself and your happiness first!

1. Drink more water


I think this is a goal of mine every year. When I'm at home I usually drink tons of water bottle and leave them all over my room, but once I get back to school I fall off with my water consumption. I don't really know why that always seems to happen, but this year i am determined to drink more water no matter where I am.

A couple ways I am going to try to achieve this goal is by cutting out soda and and ween myself off of coffee (yikes). Another thing I'm going to do is get a Hydro Flask (not sponsored, but Hydro Flask if you're reading this plz sponsor me) and decorate it to make drinking water more fun!

2. Keep a journal


Sometimes I get very caught up in my own thoughts and when I journal I have an outlet to release everything I am thinking and feeling in a healthy and productive manner. Whether it is writing about my day, how I feel, goals I have for myself or just some doodles or song lyrics I like it is fun to put a pen to paper and let it all out. A lot of people take journaling a step farther than I do and make it more like a work or art. If you are feeling creative there are plenty of Pintrest boards that can help you get started!

One of my friends who has been journling since she was younger says that she loves to look back at her old journals and see how far she has come and grown and changed, which I think is really beautiful!

3. Listen to more music


Music always makes me feel good! I think its really fun to create playlists and have music on when doing work or hanging out in your room!

4. Be more creative


My 2019 goal is to be as happy as Bob Ross. I think it is really important to have a creative outlet, whether that is painting or writing or dancing in your room.

5. Take time for myself

"I have four classes all in a row, there's no me time. . . where's the me time Billy?" Tim Riggins is my spirit animal. This year I want to remind myself that it is okay to stay in when all my friends are going out. If I want to be alone it is okay and I should take time for myself. A lot of time in college is spent around other people and sometimes you just need a break. Giving yourself time whether it is to nap, listen to music, or do nothing at all is so important.

6. Say yes to more things


Although I think it is okay to stay in when all your friends go out, I want to say yes to more plans that I want to partake in and not worry about the time commitment or how much money it will cost me.

7. Cut out negativity

It is so hard to be happy and positive when you are surrounded by negative energy all the time. I have this one "friend" who literally sucks all the life out of me because she always has something to complain about or is moping around for no reason. Those people are not good for your soul. I am not suggesting just dropping friends because they are negative, but once it starts taking a toll on your own mental health I think it is okay to distance yourself from them in order to find happiness.

8. Appreciate little things


9. Read more


The only thing I ever read is my Twitter feed. I used to love reading and I want to get back into it. Reading is a fun way to get lost in another place for a little while or learn new things. Who doesn't love knowledge?

10. Stop apologizing


I am always apologizing for my feelings and I'm sick of it! I am no longer going to apologize for getting upset or crying. I don't know why we always apologize for how we feel. I think that is so stupid, so 2019 I'm going to stop that.

11. Have a better sleep schedule


I need to learn that going to bed before 2 am is okay

12. Be more productive

I waste so much time on social media or watching tv or just laying in my bed. I want to use my time in a more productive manner like helping others, doing homework and spending time with people I care about. I think it would be beneficial for everyone if they spent a little less time doing silly and useless things and started doing more things they genuinely care about.

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