Concise Reviews of 2018 Spring and Summer moves
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11 Reviews Of 11 Movies Released During Spring And Summer 2018

I've spent too much money at the theater to not write this.

11 Reviews Of 11 Movies Released During Spring And Summer 2018

I am quite the movie enthusiast, and I also love to share my opinion even if no one is asking and no one cares! It's such a healthy thing for me to shout into the abyss even if no one is listening. Here is a concise list of reviews of movies I have experienced over these past few months. This list includes a range from critically acclaimed movies to embarrassingly horrid Netflix original movies that I somehow powered through. Do enjoy.

1. I Feel Pretty: 8/10

Amy Schumer is someone who I have never really understood. I think her humor is a bit too crass for me, and every time she appears on Jimmy Fallon/Saturday Night Live (shows I watch religiously) I just don't really vibe with her. However, I really enjoyed this movie! I saw it in my trash little local movie theater in South Georgia, but was floored by how cute it was. It had a positive message and the story line was captivating!

I don't typically respond well to the newer chick flicks; how can one compare the new to the classics like 13 Going on 30 and Sleepless in Seattle? This movie is different enough that it doesn't compare directly. It was no cinematic masterpiece, but I did not regret paying for an overpriced movie ticket and an even pricier cherry coke.

2. A Quiet Place: 9/10

Holy cow I saw this movie twice and theaters and had to control my breathing both times. I really loved this movie. John Krasinski is such a star. He produced and wrote the movie in addition to starring in it, choosing an all-star cast and writing a beautifully captivating story.

Though he acted wonderfully, his wife, Emily Blunt, stole the show. She blew my mind in her portrayal of the pregnant wife. I believed everything she said, everything she felt, every reaction she had to every horrific situation that faced her. All I can say is wowowoowowoww.

3. Oceans 8: 5/10

Ugh! I wanted this movie to be better than it was. I love the OG Oceans movies. I grew up watching them with my dad. I think what makes the originals so successful is the fact that they hold the cards until the end, where they reveal how cleverly they executed their plan. What also distinguishes the old movies from this new one is the presence of a villain. The old movies always portrayed the victim of the heist as conceited, selfish, and deserving of their fate.
In this portrayal of a heist, there is no justice to be served. The women are there only for the money, not for any kind of moral reason. That truly bothered me. Not to mention, the movie was set up for success. Sandra Bullock Rocks. Cate Blanchett rocks. Mindy Kaling? Rihanna? ANNE HATHAWAY? Could a cast get any better? However, they do not showcase the acting ranges of these actresses AND they made the fatal mistake of asking Cate Blanchett to try an American accent. She failed. Thank you for your time.

4. The Incredibles II: 9/10

I waited and waited and waited for this movie. I was at a PRIME age of 5 when the first movie came out and I was ecstatic to hear that a sequel was being made. I really enjoyed this movie. It was creative and well animated, consistent with the first film ,and very clever.
However, I was extremely disappointed by the reveal of the villain in the end. SPOILER: I knew it was the sister of the investor the WHOLE DANG TIME. Almost as bad as (another spoiler) Betty's dad being the black hood in riverdale. If you didn't see it coming, I have lost all respect for you. All of the signs were there.

5. Won't you Be My Neighbor?: 10/10

Please go see this movie, even if you were not raised on this show. I didn't grow up watching Mr. Rogers, but this movie is really important in our society and for my generation. Kindness, thoughtfulness, and empathy are things that we are losing. I hate to be cynical, but a man like Mr. Rogers is not out there anymore, and I don't know if we will ever see anyone else like him.
He was truly amazing. Though he was a Christian man, his goal was to remind children over and over again that they are loved and special. I saw this movie twice at an independent movie theatre, once by myself and again with my mom and sister. I WEPT both times.

6. American Animals: 10/10

This movie blew my mind. It's a true story of four boys in Kentucky who attempted to steal from the special collections library at Transylvania University. By melding documentary and reenactment, it tells the story in the most authentic way possible, It is witty, cleverly written, and absolutely unbelievable in terms of a true story. It is only out in select theaters, but is worth a drive to see!

Love, Simon: 9/10

I walked into this movie hoping it wouldn't disappoint me. After recent backlash regarding movies that portrayed the gay community, the event of coming out inaccurately, I was hoping for a movie that pleasantly surprised. me. I think this movie was important because it dealt with what felt like a more authentic struggle of a high school boy. I will not pretend to know what it feels like to experience such a monumental and anxiety-ridden moment in high school, I felt that the movie did the LGBTQ community justice.

8. Isle of Dogs: 7/10

Ah, Wes Anderson. This past year I watched all of his movies. Call me a typical white girl, but I really enjoy his meticulous cinematography witty dialogue and pastel color schemes. I went as far as to read a book of essays about his work. It's ok. Quietly judge me. I was very vey very excited to see his new film and I really enjoyed it! I cannot lie to you, I was a bit disgusted by the depiction of the trash island, almost as disgusted as I get when sponge bob does grotesque close-ups. I hope you know what I am talking about. But the storyline was Wes's typical adventure of obstacles, unexpected love, and the quirkiest characters. It didn't seem very ground-breaking, though. He has yet to throw me an intense curveball. He wrote a movie about dogs. He [has put a dog in almost every other one of his movies. Come on, Wes. Surprise me.

9. Ibiza: 2/10

This movie is absolutely ridiculous. Each situation was less believable than the last. The acting was terrible. The EDM music was painful. Whoever created this movie wasted money, time, and resources. I'm wasting my time writing about it. Netflix, wyd?

10. Set it Up 5/10

This movie was better than Ibiza, but not much better. Though the storyline was more intriguing and the acting was less painful, I still felt like turning it off halfway through bc I knew how it would end. Curse you, Netflix movies.

11. The Kissing Booth: -3/10

The worst for last. This movie is trash. The lil girl from Ramon and Beezus is in it. Though she's probably my age or older she still looks and sounds like she's 10. This movie is so cringey wow.
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