2017 Needs Tomi Lahren
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2017 Needs Tomi Lahren

Love her or hate her, you are going to see more Tomi in 2017

2017 Needs Tomi Lahren

At this point, many of us know who Tomi Lahren is. You either watch her show on The Blaze or you have seen her "Final Thoughts" videos shared on facebook. Tomi Lahren has become the target of many leftists. She also has become the target of many millennial snowflakes. They believe she should not have a platform to speak from simply because they do not like what she has to say. It is hilarious to me that the same people who do not want others to speak will turn around and preach tolerance. You do not have to agree with her, I know I don't on some issues, but to say that she shouldn't be allowed to have a platform to speak from? That is ridiculous.

Recently a piece from the Odyssey titled "2017 Doesn't Need Tomi Lahren" began trending. The author's reaction is a perfect example of why people love Tomi. The author states that we need to be more tolerable of others with different ideologies, that is true. However, in the very next sentence, they state that Tomi is spewing hate speech and at this point is where I had my first good laugh. Tomi does not spew hate speech, to suggest that is foolish on your part. Besides the term "hate speech" is nonsense, because the definition of "hate speech" changes from person to person. Also, free speech includes hate speech. People love to hate Tomi and that hate just increases her fan base.

The author pressures the point that Tomi Lahren causes division (not true) and that we need to come together with different ideas to come up with solutions. Well, we did come together on November 8th to elect some people that will hopefully solve the problems from the last presidency. Also, the group that plays identity politics tends to cause the most division, but I bet that is not on the author's list of problems. The author is also preaching tolerance as she claims that Tomi is close-minded. If you actually watch her show rather than just the "Final Thoughts" videos, you might be open to some new ideas. This author is a prime example of "I don't like what you are saying so it is hate speech and you're close-minded." Are there many leftist commentators out there that go on rants? Yes, but I do not think that they should not be given a platform. The party that preaches tolerance and common ground only wants common ground with ideas that they agree with.The only type of diversity the left seems to not care about is that of intellectual diversity. Anything against their narrative is hate speech, racist, sexist, close-minded, etc.

There are many issues that I disagree with Tomi on, but overall she is fantastic. A young conservative woman already in the spotlight gaining much attention. She is a great role model for conservative college students, male and female. She is definitely a great role model for young girls. She will say what needs to be said and if you do not like it, then that is your problem.

2017 will be a great year, and it will need Tomi Lahren. What we do not need are the leftist millennials who ignore facts and hate freedom. We do not need students who need a day off because Trump won. We need more people to stand up for what is right and promote the truth rather than being indoctrinated by their humanities professors. We need people to tell it like it is.

Love her or hate her, there will be more Tomi Lahren in 2017 and I personally cannot wait. The more people overreact over Tomi the more praise she receives. Tomi Lahren needs to keep doing what she is doing and to not slow down for anything or anyone. Anyways, those are my final thoughts. Have good day/night and God bless.

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