Kylie Jenner

Beyonce called...she wants her dress back.

Katy Perry

This dress reminds me of the movie Carrie. If Carrie took place at a Japanese funeral in 2080.


Its like a garden of fabric flowers threw up and made a dress, but I'm more impressed that she could make shoes out of the wire in my dads tool box.

Julianne Moore

Out of fear that she would blend into the background, Julianne Moore wore a dress that looks to be made out of the skin of 100 birds.

Rita Ora

So thats where the bow from my christmas present went.

Bella Hadid

For her outfit, Hadid went to the ocean and collected sea waste in a fishnet.

Lily Collins

She must have gotten stuck in a birthday cake before coming to the Gala.

Nikki Minaj

As usual, Nikki Minaj is showing that bun that we don't want none of.

Kerry Washington

Clearly she is jealous that she wasn't in the rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Janelle Monae

This outfit was inspired by Jullianne Moore's bird dress and Black Swan.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal's grandmother hand made this dress while recollecting her flapper days.

Riley Keough

Once again, we are reminded that Harley Quinn is trending.

Haley Bennett

Throwback to the first Met Gala during the Victorian Era.

Michelle Monaghan

And now we are reminded that Star Wars is also trending. Princess Leia would be proud.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

Every aspect of these outfit screams Day of the Dead. Even their skeleton looking faces.

Claire Danes

An advertisement for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales. Coming to theaters May 26.

Helen Lasichanh

Oh my god!!! Gumby's brother made an appearance at the Gala?!

Lena Dunham

I now present to you...Miss Scotland.

Kendall Jenner

Is it really a dress if more skin then dress is showing?

Wiz Khalifa

A tribute to the late and great Michael Jackson. (Jackson wore it better.)


Everyone else sees a winter's coat with a tale...right?

Stella Maxwell

"One set of pearls isn't enough. I want a chain of pearls! No...a dress of pearls!"

Jaden Smith

How is holding your own hair and wearing all black considered fashion?

Grace Hartzel

I see Wednesday Adam made an appearance at the Gala.

Carly Steel


Priyanka Chopra

Castiel made an appearance. Or Chopra is getting ready to streak. Take your pick.

All jokes aside, everyone's fashion choices were quite...unique.