2017 Met Gala Fashion Review

2017 Met Gala Fashion Review

From a Girl Who Doesn't Understand Fashion

Kylie Jenner

Beyonce called...she wants her dress back.

Katy Perry

This dress reminds me of the movie Carrie. If Carrie took place at a Japanese funeral in 2080.


Its like a garden of fabric flowers threw up and made a dress, but I'm more impressed that she could make shoes out of the wire in my dads tool box.

Julianne Moore

Out of fear that she would blend into the background, Julianne Moore wore a dress that looks to be made out of the skin of 100 birds.

Rita Ora

So thats where the bow from my christmas present went.

Bella Hadid

For her outfit, Hadid went to the ocean and collected sea waste in a fishnet.

Lily Collins

She must have gotten stuck in a birthday cake before coming to the Gala.

Nikki Minaj

As usual, Nikki Minaj is showing that bun that we don't want none of.

Kerry Washington

Clearly she is jealous that she wasn't in the rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Janelle Monae

This outfit was inspired by Jullianne Moore's bird dress and Black Swan.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal's grandmother hand made this dress while recollecting her flapper days.

Riley Keough

Once again, we are reminded that Harley Quinn is trending.

Haley Bennett

Throwback to the first Met Gala during the Victorian Era.

Michelle Monaghan

And now we are reminded that Star Wars is also trending. Princess Leia would be proud.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

Every aspect of these outfit screams Day of the Dead. Even their skeleton looking faces.

Claire Danes

An advertisement for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales. Coming to theaters May 26.

Helen Lasichanh

Oh my god!!! Gumby's brother made an appearance at the Gala?!

Lena Dunham

I now present to you...Miss Scotland.

Kendall Jenner

Is it really a dress if more skin then dress is showing?

Wiz Khalifa

A tribute to the late and great Michael Jackson. (Jackson wore it better.)


Everyone else sees a winter's coat with a tale...right?

Stella Maxwell

"One set of pearls isn't enough. I want a chain of pearls! No...a dress of pearls!"

Jaden Smith

How is holding your own hair and wearing all black considered fashion?

Grace Hartzel

I see Wednesday Adam made an appearance at the Gala.

Carly Steel


Priyanka Chopra

Castiel made an appearance. Or Chopra is getting ready to streak. Take your pick.

All jokes aside, everyone's fashion choices were quite...unique.

Cover Image Credit: CNN

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43 Movies That Will Make You Pop The Moscato For A Girls' Night In

Next time you find yourself looking for a good chick flick, come here.

It is Wednesday night, you are enjoying a nice glass of wine (or any other beverage), surrounded by all your best girlfriends. The next known step in this equation is to pick out a good movie to enjoy while spending time together.

Usually, though, it takes way too much time browsing Netflix or Amazon Prime trying to find something up to your standards. So, next time you find yourself looking for a good chick flick, come here because here is your guide to the best movies for a Wednesday night in.

1. How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days

A classic love story of hiding true intentions in a relationship, but actually falling for the person in the end. Kate Hudson will make you wet your pants laughing at her cringe-worthy attempt at getting rid of Matthew McConaughey in 10 days. But if you were her, once you even set eyes on him how could you continue to go along with your plan?

2. The Wedding Planner

Another McConaughey classic. When your the wedding planner of a wedding that involves a man you just fell head over heels for I am sure there is not going to be an issue there!

3. Clueless

Would you ever miss an opportunity to watch this classic? Ugh, as if!

4. Any and Everything Nicholas Sparks

Personally, I would start out with the Notebook, The Last Song, Dear John, or The Longest Ride, then continue to watch every single Nicholas Spark movie in existence. I met Nicholas Sparks in person one time and he is quite the charmer, no wonder he is an absolute LEGEND in the sappy romantic department.

5. Mean Girls

A CLASSIC. And it is a Wednesday, right? Go ahead and coordinate with your gals to wear pink ;) Sorry that was lame, but I had to do it.

6. Sweet Home Alabama

This is a sweet and tender story of a small town girl who picks up and moves her life to the Big Apple and leaves her ....??husband??... behind, and gets engaged to the mayor of New York City's son without getting a formal divorce officiated. Hm. Not sure how this one could end well.

7. Friends With Benefits

The greatest friendship you could ever have and then add a little romance to it with no strings attached, what could possibly go wrong?

8. No Strings Attached

Honestly, it is Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman.... two of the hottest people alive.

9. Never Been Kissed

First watched this before I ever had my first kiss and it had me not only emotional for Drew Barrymore but excited for it because every girl (whether you want to admit it or not) gushes over these things. However, her first kiss is probably the most extravagant first kiss in the history of first kisses. That is if she gets it.

10.Sex and the City

Four different lives and love lives to follow. And the best of all, four friends with a lifetime bond that is incredible.

11. Crazy, Stupid Love

The end will have you completely shook. That is all I have to say. So might as well put this one on now.

12. He's Just Not That Into You

Um hello, the greatest advice comes from this movie in a strange, twisted way. And it also makes you gush over the "exception" made in the end. (If you know you know if you don't go watch it and then you will know).

13. Dirty Dancing


14. Pretty Woman

A prostitute and wealthy businessman.... interesting pair.

15. 13 Going On 30

Wishing away your life is not something I would ever recommend, but it seems that it was a good idea for Jennifer Garner so she could see a life she thought she wanted, but after living it, realized she did not.

16. Wedding Crashers

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are just too iconic of a duo to leave this one off.

17. The Time Traveler's Wife

I recently watched this one for the first time and almost cried like a baby. I highly recommend it is such a sweet story with so much substance!

18. The First Time

Image result for the first time

Who does not like an awkward high school depiction of their first time? If you want to cringe at the awkwardness of this situation watch this one. Also, interesting fact: this is the movie that kicked off Britt Robertson and Dylan O'brien's relationship we are all so envious of.

19. Everything Everything

Another cringe-worthy depiction of a high school relationship. The acting by Nick Robinson and Amandla Stenberg hits the nail on the head. They really do their job by making you, the audience member, feel the awkward sexual tension they feel.

20. The Fault in Our Stars

Alright, you saw that one coming.

21. Me Before You

Another sob story you already knew was coming.

22. The Vow

Man am I hitting you with the tearjerkers right now.

23. Bridget Jones's Diary

Okay you get a break, this is another cringe-worthy, "what is she thinking" type of film. Absolutely hilarious and a pretty true depiction of what your life could be.

24. Footloose

The remake is too great to not watch over and over again. The original is too, but Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormland's chemistry together in this film makes the dancing that much better.


What could the issue possibly go wrong if you professionally teach people how to "play the game" and end up falling yourself, but get exposed at the same time?

27. The Proposal

About to get deported because of an expired visa? Better force one of your employees (who thinks you are the worst boss on the planet) to marry you!

28. A Walk to Remember

You thought I was done with movies that would make you bawl your eyes out. HA, good one.

29. Juno

The classic story of teen pregnancy, heartfelt and hilarious. But, also makes you realize you really do not want to be in this position yourself.

30. The Switch

Jennifer Anniston realizes she wants a kid but does not have the relationship to give her one. So, she has a test-tube baby. Her best friend (Jason Bateman), who does not know how to feel about it, gets blackout drunk at her "insemination party" and he may be low-key in love with her, so obviously you can see how a huge problem could develop here.

31. Charlie St. Cloud

While I have said "this movie will make you bawl" in previous suggestions, I am going to let you in on a little secret: I have cried in less than ten movies my entire life. I really am not as much of a crier as some people may be, but this movie is one of those ten.

32. 1 Mile To You

An independent film, so it is a smaller budget, but tells a beautiful story of a boy who loves everyone and everything that matters to him in a fatal bus accident, that uses his talent in running to cope with it.

33. Pearl Harbor

Hands down probably one of my favorite movies. It is just about 3 hours long, however, so if you want to watch this one plan to watch it ahead of time and not spur of the moment. It is a mix of just about everything; love, war, tragedy, friendship, anything is possible in this film.

34. New In Town

This is a sweet story of a city girl moving to the seemingly smallest town on earth in Minnesota, who ends up finding love, too.

35. Beastly

A modern day Beauty and the Beast love story that takes place in New York City. A beautiful socialite snob gets his worst nightmare..... being ugly. In order to reverse the curse can anyone guess what he might possibly have to do? Ah, typical true loves kiss type of film.

36. Endless Love

Dad gets psycho over his daughter dating... Hm, I think we have all been there before. But, maybe not as extreme as this dad gets.

37. What A Girl Wants

This film suggestion goes out to all of you later 90's babies. I grew up watching this movie and takes me back to my childhood!!!!

38. Just Go With It

Adam Sandler gets entangled in a web of lies and lands the girl of his dreams. But, ends up falling for someone else, who he has entangled in his lies, instead.

39. Rumor Has It

This is a movie that is a "kind of"a follow-up to the film "The Bachelor" with Dustin Hoffman. Jen Anniston realizes "The Bachelor" follows the story of her family. Basically, to sum that storyline up, her mom slept with a boy that her mother slept with before she gets married. So in this film, Jen Anniston goes on the hunt for the mystery man and well.... let's just say like grandmother like mother like daughter.

40. The Break-Up

When your significant other doesn't have their stuff together, you break it off, but when it's Vince Vaughn, they are extremely annoying about it.

41. Jumping The Broom

I had to have seen this at least four times when it was in theaters, it is absolutely hysterical and extremely heartfelt.

42. Definitely, Maybe

A movie talking solely about Ryan Reynolds love life, AND he is a dad? Sign me up!

43. Bride Wars

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway go head to head and break their friendship with their wedding dates being the accidentally booked for the same day. But in the end was it worth it? Gals before Pals is all I have to say.

Cover Image Credit: 123rf

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10 Best And Worst Parking Spots Described By Classic Memes

Because Everyone Has An Opinion On Parking Spots...

There are many different kinds of parking spots...here are the 10 best and worst as described by memes:

1. When there is money leftover in the meter!!

No need to search for the quarters under the seats of your car!

2. Parallel Parking

Stressful...especially when there are a line of cars waiting for you...but rewarding once you successfully park!

3. The Pull-Through

You pull into a regular parking spot only to realize you can pull ahead to the one in front of it!! Never need to reverse again!!

4. Backing In

Although sometimes tricky, you'll thank yourself later when you can just pull forward!!

5. Parking With No Cars Around

Ah, the freedom.

6. Trying to Park In Between 2 Cars

Will your car fit? Will you hit their door?

7. Parking On a Hill

Don't you forget that emergency break!!

8. The "i'll park illegally because I'll only be gone for a minute"

Normally gone for much longer than a minute...but still hoping there isn't a ticket on the windshield!

9. A Parking Garage

The security of knowing you won't get a ticket, but the sadness of having to pay...

10. The Best of the Best...a DRIVEWAY!!!

Need I say more?

So now as you're parking remember: there could (almost) always be a worse place to park.

Cover Image Credit: http://pointmetotheplane.boardingarea.com/2016/03/13/an-airbnb-for-parking-spaces-is-launched/

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