A Look Into The 2017 Grammys

It's award season, and personally, the one award show I get the most excited for are The Grammys. I thought James Cordon was a fantastic host for this year's Grammys. He killed it from the moment the show started to his live version of his carpool karaoke segment, which is one of my personal favs. And just in general overall was a great host.

There is a lot of talk of all the mistakes made during the show, and also how Beyonce and Adele killed it. Adele swept the floor this year with winning all the main award, including Record of the Year! Well deserved. One of my favorite moments was her touching tribute to George Michaels. The best moment when she started over and it really felt like we were all in the moment, and she was able to show her flaws to the world, that sometimes she, herself, makes mistakes, and is not always perfect. I thought that was the most influential moment of the night and I have so much more respect because it felt so real.

Another unreal moment was when Adele won album of the year but dedicated her speech to Beyonce and how much she admires her and how much she deserves it. Again, it shows just who she is as a person and the respect that musicians have for one another. It was a very heartfelt evening.

Moving on from that, I would have to say the performances themselves were also outstanding this year. Beyonce's performance was just like a piece of art, kept me on my toes. Adele opening was unexpected but beautiful. Katy Perry and the whole performance with the lighting and the props and the stage gave me chills.

Overall, I would have to say everyone killed it at the 2017 Grammys. In my personal opinion, it was one of the best yet!

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