The year of 2016 has been nothing less than an emotional rollercoaster, between the crazy events of the presidential election to the many deaths of our beloved celebrities. Where there is bad in our lives, in our year- there have been blessings both personal and world wide. This time of year it is important to reflect and remember the positive things that you were blessed with during this calendar year. Sure, this year wasn’t perfect but everyone has things within this year they could be happy about and some to be upset about- but that’s sort of how the world works. If everything went smoothly in life there would be no goals to be reached, no progress being made and it would be a world of consistency- which to be frank isn't a good thing. The troubles are what make life interesting, next year you have stories to tell and feelings of thanks in order to have gotten through those struggles. 2016 wasn’t all bad, we’ve all had some positivity.

Personally I have so many things to be thankful for, and believe it or not i know you have at least some things to be thankful for in your life because I believe life is filled with blessings- even though it doesn't always seem that way. For example for a lot of us college students this was the year where we had the opportunity to vote for the president of the united states, and have our voices heard, even though our options weren't incredible- we were blessed with the opportunity to put our votes in and support our morals and beliefs in the voting ballot. We got to see our favorite Titanic actor, Leonardo Dicaprio finally win an oscar. We were able to experience a push towards equality with the nationwide legalization of same sex marriage! We experienced a game that changed the entire meaning of being a gamer, a game where everyone was walking around and socializing- the trending app “Pokemon go”. Best of all, we saw an uber driver become a hero, saving a 16 year old girl involved in sex trafficking.

For me personally, so many good things have happened in this year. I experienced applying to colleges, my first semester of college, made new friends, experienced what it's like to be a radio DJ, celebrated my 18th birthday, experienced numerous concerts that were life changing, found love where I never expected to and even voted for the first time. All of these are positives, which of course weren't the only occurrences, my life isn't perfect- i've had bad days this year. There days where I thought that I was so overwhelmed that I thought it was never going to get better and days where I was so happy and comfortable with all of the relationships that i had built. The point being, 2016 wasn't all rainbows and butterflies but it's very important to appreciate the good that was given to you during this year and to be prepared for both the good and the bad that are yet to come in the next year.