A 20-Year-Old's Love For Disney Explained

A 20-Year-Old's Love For Disney Explained

I will never be too old for Disney, and Disney will never be too old for me.

Brett Svenson

My very first trip to Walt Disney World was in November of 1997 when I was just 11 months old. I don't remember a single detail of that vacation, and I only have pictures and my parents recollections to remind me. About two dozen or so trips later, the way that I feel about the Happiest Place on Earth has not changed. Every time I tell my friends that I am returning to Disney for another trip, I get the usual response alone the lines of, "You have been so many times, don't you ever get tired of going?"

The answer is no. I never get tired of going back, and I honestly do not think that I will out grow my love for the magical place. Every experience is new, different and exciting. I have memories of being deathly afraid of rides as a child and then finally enjoying them as a teenager. The food that I associate with some of the most delightful times of my childhood are still at the forefront of my cravings. Giggles and smiles have been replaced by happy tears and soft sobs while watching the fireworks.

I have memories of going to Disney when my parents were still together, and I can recall the times that I went after they separated. Instead of believing in the fairytales as a child because I didn't know any better, I get to choose to believe now. I have been for the treats of Halloween, the fake bubble snow of Christmas, and during the miserable heat of summer. No matter what, every single time that I enter Mainstreet USA, that castle takes my breath away. The familiar sights, sounds, and smells make me feel at ease.

Now as a 20-year-old I understand the impact that Disney has had on my life. My biggest dream at the moment is to be accepted into the Disney College Program internship. I have been rejected twice within the past 6 months, but I am still applying. Do you want to know why? Because Disney that taught me to always believe in my dreams. Even Walt Disney himself said,

"All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

I am confident in my abilities to do anything because Mulan was. I accept all kinds of people because Belle was able to look past it in the Beast. I know not to be afraid of my insecurities because Elsa learned thats what made her unique.

Soon I will be able to take my future children to Disney World for the first time. I am excited to see the looks on their faces when they meet their favorite characters. The pictures, videos, and memories will be cherished forever. I cannot wait to share with them the same feelings that I had as a kid. There is no feeling more magical than being surrounded by joy. I will never be too old for Disney, and Disney will never be too old for me.

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