20 Pieces Of Wisdom About Break-Ups From Sadie Robertson

20 Pieces Of Wisdom About Break-Ups From Sadie Robertson

"Break-ups are just a part of life."

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Well, another celebrity couple bites the dust, and this one was totally unexpected. There have been rumors and headlines about Sadie Robertson and her boyfriend, Blake Coward, breaking up, but some fans (including me) were not falling for it. But on April 13, Sadie decided to post a YouTube video titled "the breakup."

Most would probably think this was a video to explain why they broke up and how it happened. Instead, this video entails Sadie announcing that they broke up but mostly explaining that although it was hard, God is helping her to move on.

This video is jam packed with so many words of wisdom; I felt instantly compelled to share it and to give some explanation of Sadie's amazing advice. So here are some (most) of the things Sadie mentioned:

1. "I hope y'all can look up to us in a break-up."

Whether we were younger or older than Sadie, I think we all looked to her for some inspiration. She says that her fans saw her and Blake as "goals" and I can agree that she and Blake did appear to be the cutest/best representation of a teen-Christian couple. But she's asking for fans to continue to look up to her and Blake even though they are no longer together.

2. "The day Blake and I broke up, I promised myself I would not be bound in bitterness."

What I love about this is that on the same day she and Blake broke up, she went to church that night. From day one, she told herself that she would not let this break-up stop her and that bitterness would not surround her. I love this because we learn as girls (and guys) that after a break-up we need to sit on our couches, eat ice cream, and listen to Taylor Swift love songs. But Sadie broke that stereotype.

3. "God has a purpose for me."

Instead of feeling depressed and confused by the world, Sadie looked to God and found purpose.There can be so many unanswered questions after a break-up, but Sadie's saying that God holds all those questions. We just need to follow him in order to find them.

4. "Don't let me think thoughts of anger towards him."

It's easy to be mad at your ex. Now it is not our business to know how Sadie and Blake's break-up came to be, but Sadie is deciding to move on in peace. Not only will she not speak words of anger, but she is asking God to not let her think thoughts of anger. What a powerful move!

5. "Don't let me think thoughts of jealousy."

She also asks God for her not to be jealous. I think in any relationship, jealousy is bound to pop up, but it can definitely appear after a break-up because they are now free to see other people. Jealousy can do terrible things to your mind and cause you to act out, so I think it is very smart of Sadie to want to kill the jealousy bug before is gets out.

6. "Don't let me be insecure."

Women face insecurity every day. So to have your life showcased to the world, I can't imagine what Sadie is feeling. Yes, she is a gorgeous human being, but her boyfriend was The Big Man on Campus, she's bound to be insecure about not having him by her side. But as women we need to not let ourselves be wrapped up in our thoughts, we need to be secure in ourselves and we can find that strength with God.

7. "Don't even let me get super sad."

Now this one isn't easy. I like how she said "super sad" because let's be honest, how could you not be sad? But, she's asking for help because she doesn't want to remain sad about this event. She wants to get out of the slump and into her brand-new self.

8. "God fill me with your love. Lead me on level ground."

After a break-up, you are definitely wanting some love in your life from friends and family. But she's also wanting the Lord to lead her on level ground. She's not wanting to take the path of roller coasters and crazy emotions, she's wanting to keep a constant emotion and to be able to stay strong each and every day. Something so amazing to say after only one month of being single.

9. "...great things are to come."

The future is bright! Although it may not seem so in the moment, but the quicker you realize that "great things are to come" the better off you are. I think it also important to realize that greater things are to come, as well.

10. "I hope Blake finds someone so much better than me."

Wow! I don't think many people today have this kind of mindset. I don't think Sadie is saying she was all wrong for Blake, I think she is saying that there is someone out there who has that special something that she just didn't have. And I'm sure Blake feels the same way. Sadie has a spark to her and it is going to take a special man in order to take on that role.

11. "...want what's best for them."

Not only does she want him to find the perfect girl, she wants his life to be better too. Blake is in college, he plays baseball, and he has his own business. He'll go far and we know Sadie will always be cheering him on.

12. "You can learn from [your relationship] and you should be proud of that."

It is always good to learn from a experience, especially a relationship. I also like how she says you should be "proud of that relationship" too. It just means that the relationship didn't have to be a bust, it was just a book that needed an ending.

13. "Be better for the next person."

I don't think many people come out of a relationship wanting to better themselves. A good way to look at it is to take the time to date yourself and become better for the next person God has for your life. Not only will you grow, but you will probably attract better people.

14. "Each person you'll be with is preparing you for the [person] God made for you."

Alongside #13, she's saying that you shouldn't throw away the things you've learned from each ex, you should take them with you in the next relationship. Each boyfriend/girlfriend you have is only preparing you for the person you decide to ultimately spend the rest of your life with. That's extremely exciting and should be motivation to keep trying.

15. "With each break-up comes the opportunity to meet the right person."

And continuing on 13 and 14, don't look at being alone as a bad thing. You broke up for a reason, so now you have the freedom to find that perfect person. Yay!

16. "Being bitter doesn't help anyone."

No one likes someone who hates anything and everything. Not only does it turn everyone away, but it only makes you feel worse. So try your best to move on and do what makes you happy.

17. "If you loved them enough to date them, you should love them enough to let them find their perfect person."

This kind of tag teams with jealousy, in that, if you truly love them, you must truly set them free. Not only do you want them to find another partner, but you want them to find the right partner. So be praying for them and have their back.

18. "Sometimes it takes going through really hard stuff to get to the good stuff."

Like with everything in life, there are hard times and there are good times. It's tough to remember that God wants us to go through those hard times too. He wants to help us grow stronger, to learn from our mistakes, and to cling to Him in order to move forward. It also makes us appreciate those good times that much more.

19. "Blake and I's relationship was good... Whoever ends up with him is a lucky girl."

It is not always the bad relationships that end up with a sucky ending, good relationships can end too. Appreciate the good and hope for the better.

20. "Break-ups are just a part of life."

Break-ups are inevitable. It is most definitely NOT the end of the world, so get over yourself and move on. Life is better lived when you are doing the things you love and doing the things that make you happy. Understand that you are not alone and that God is always on your side.

It's a lot to take in but it is incredible what this 18-year old has achieved. Her mind is incredible and her actions follow suit. I think we can all take some advice from Sadie and use these tips not only with relationships, but also with any hardships that we are faced with.

Here is the full video:

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