20 Ways You Know You Grew Up A Competitive Dancer

20 Ways You Know You Grew Up A Competitive Dancer

Bobby pins on bobby pins on bobby pins

Growing up a dancer was kinda the best. You had all the moves back then and, girl, you already know you are the life of the party now. Once a dancer, always a dancer...

1. You have heard, "Can you do the splits?" about 500 times

The annoying response everyone has when you tell them you're a dancer... but the answer is yes.

2. You've found glitter, fake lashes, and bobby pins in ungodly places

That glitter will haunt you and your surroundings for a year.

3. "No, my studio is not like dance moms"

My dance teacher did not emotionally abuse me when I was young, so don't worry.

4. *Any popular song comes on* me: "Hey, I did a dance to this!"

It happens daily...

5. You have done one, if not multiple, of your dances at a party

Because you know either you or your friend is going to bust into your routine first.

6. You have the joints of an elderly person

And you are absolutely horrified to find out what it will be like as you age.

7. You have a "dance drawer"

And it probably has more clothes in it than all your other drawers combined.

8. You were doing full glam on yourself by the age of 9

You could have worked at Sephora by 10.

9. You have a favorite side

One leg Beyonce, the other Jay-z

10. You live your life in counts of 8's

And you honestly think it's a little weird when people don't.

11. Dance picture day > school picture day

You never realized how bad that costume was until you get them back.

12. You have used every brand of hairspray known to man

13. Growing up you always heard comments about your size

You ate copious amounts of junk food, but you never gained weight. People LOVED pointing it out to you. "Somebody get this girl a cheeseburger"....

14. You know the true meaning of "one more time"

You're running that routine at least three more times and stopping in between with more corrections.

15. Costume day was better than Christmas

Next to the performances, the best day of dance year

16. Stretching on your own = group gossip time

The only time you got to socialize and talk in class, and you lived for it.

17. Normal feet are gross, dancer feet are so much worse

Broken toes, blisters from pointe shoes, bumps, bruises, broken toe nails... it all comes with the territory.

18. Performances were for sneaking food and drinks into the dressing rooms

Every dancer is guilty of this... Those "NO FOOD OR DRINK BESIDES WATER" signs were really just suggestions

19. You hate responding to the question, "Do you play sports?"

The answer is "Yes, I am a competitive dancer, and I train 20 hours a week harder than you could ever imagine" but you know that will be shut down instantly so you just stick to, "No, but I dance."

20. Your studio will always be your second home

And those girls that you grew up with and your instructors will always be your family.

Cover Image Credit: Diana Feil

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