20 Ways You Know You Grew Up A Competitive Dancer

20 Ways You Know You Grew Up A Competitive Dancer

Bobby pins on bobby pins on bobby pins

Growing up a dancer was kinda the best. You had all the moves back then and, girl, you already know you are the life of the party now. Once a dancer, always a dancer...

1. You have heard, "Can you do the splits?" about 500 times

The annoying response everyone has when you tell them you're a dancer... but the answer is yes.

2. You've found glitter, fake lashes, and bobby pins in ungodly places

That glitter will haunt you and your surroundings for a year.

3. "No, my studio is not like dance moms"

My dance teacher did not emotionally abuse me when I was young, so don't worry.

4. *Any popular song comes on* me: "Hey, I did a dance to this!"

It happens daily...

5. You have done one, if not multiple, of your dances at a party

Because you know either you or your friend is going to bust into your routine first.

6. You have the joints of an elderly person

And you are absolutely horrified to find out what it will be like as you age.

7. You have a "dance drawer"

And it probably has more clothes in it than all your other drawers combined.

8. You were doing full glam on yourself by the age of 9

You could have worked at Sephora by 10.

9. You have a favorite side

One leg Beyonce, the other Jay-z

10. You live your life in counts of 8's

And you honestly think it's a little weird when people don't.

11. Dance picture day > school picture day

You never realized how bad that costume was until you get them back.

12. You have used every brand of hairspray known to man

13. Growing up you always heard comments about your size

You ate copious amounts of junk food, but you never gained weight. People LOVED pointing it out to you. "Somebody get this girl a cheeseburger"....

14. You know the true meaning of "one more time"

You're running that routine at least three more times and stopping in between with more corrections.

15. Costume day was better than Christmas

Next to the performances, the best day of dance year

16. Stretching on your own = group gossip time

The only time you got to socialize and talk in class, and you lived for it.

17. Normal feet are gross, dancer feet are so much worse

Broken toes, blisters from pointe shoes, bumps, bruises, broken toe nails... it all comes with the territory.

18. Performances were for sneaking food and drinks into the dressing rooms

Every dancer is guilty of this... Those "NO FOOD OR DRINK BESIDES WATER" signs were really just suggestions

19. You hate responding to the question, "Do you play sports?"

The answer is "Yes, I am a competitive dancer, and I train 20 hours a week harder than you could ever imagine" but you know that will be shut down instantly so you just stick to, "No, but I dance."

20. Your studio will always be your second home

And those girls that you grew up with and your instructors will always be your family.

Cover Image Credit: Diana Feil

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The Negative Effects Of Working As A CNA

You know you are a CNA if you are undermined, understaffed, and emotionally and physically drained.

I write this not as a way to deter people from wanting to be a CNA or to demean the job, but in order to outline the negatives, since some only outline the positives. With a job comes responsibility, and it is like that in any area or field. We have the good and we also have the bad. I am in a field where not many people like their job and they don't care who knows it. Others enjoy it and make the best of it. It is like that with any career. There are always both sides.

I write this after coming home from a meeting that we have to attend every week for 13 weeks straight. These meetings are preparing us for a new unit in our building, and they offer education so that we have the knowledge to communicate and take care of our residents. I like these meetings because I enjoy learning more in my field, however, others see it as a burden and a waste of their time. There are people who will bring in workplace drama, those that will do the bare minimum, and those that just don't care and will call in when they know their shift is short.

As a Certified Nurse Assistant, you help your residents, and you try to give them the best care that you can provide. That is the number one rule. If anything, that is the golden rule in nursing. When you step in on that floor, you are expected to give your full effort in giving the residents the care they need. Meanwhile, others step in and couldn't give a damn.

What upset me the most after the meeting was that we had to talk about abuse. We had to discuss what abuse was and why we need to treat our patients with dignity, respect, and kindness. As a CNA that is my work. I was saddened that something like this occurred, and that someone would demean a resident in a way that no one should be treated.

I'm furious, upset, and confused. The people that work in this field are there because they care, and they want to help those that cannot help themselves. So, why would they do such a thing?

It made me think of all the other negatives that I encounter in my field. The lack of appreciation from other staff and the constant undermining is tough. Nurses telling you that you are not doing your job right, or management becoming picky when you cannot chart between your residents is difficult. There is always something that you are doing wrong in someone else's eyes, and there is never a thank you when you leave your shift and everyone is clean and taken care of. There is no one to pat your back other than yourself, and you have to be your own cheerleader for a place that only looks at you as the lowest of the totem pole.

There are never enough of you. I say that because there is always a demand for CNAs, and no matter how many you have in a facility, there will never be enough. You will be short one shift or another, and you will have to scramble to reach everyone to make sure they are taken care of properly.

You come home and you have to go right back to bed because you took extra shifts. You are exhausted, and yet you still come in and put all your energy into work because you think of the residents. You consider what it would be like to not have anyone to care for you. You put them before yourself.

No one tells you any negatives as you are getting trained and go through clinicals. They only tell you that you are going into a profession that will help those that cannot help themselves, and that you should be proud of your job. It is not incorrect, but it is not fully true.

You will get called names, cursed at, abused, and you will get over-worked. No one will tell you thank you, and no one will baby you through your shift. You are a CNA. You take care of those that cannot take care of themselves. You are there to help and give care. Yes, there are negatives and you will want to quit like I've wanted to do multiple times. I will admit it. You will get upset and frustrated. This is not an easy job, and it was not intended to be, but you will get through it if you keep your heart open and honest. Do your work diligently, and do what you can to make others' lives better. That is the only reward you need to overcome the negatives.

Cover Image Credit: TravelNursesSource.com

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5 Reasons I'd Rather Stay In On A Friday Night

It's okay to not want to party over the weekend.


In college, so many people look forward to the weekend all week long. And by so many people, I mean probably almost everyone. The weekend is a time to catch up on some much-needed rest, relaxation, homework, and you time. The weekend in college also means going out for a lot of people. While yes, going out can be a really good time, I also think that it's important to note that you don't have to go out if you don't want to. There are a ton of good reasons why you should stay home for the weekend instead of partying all night long. I have compiled a list of five solid reasons why staying in is so much better than going out, especially in the middle of winter.

1. My room is so much warmer than it is outside 

Freezing Dan James Gif

Let's face it, in the dead of winter, no one wants to go outside in a mini skirt and crop top. I'll take my pillow and blanket any day over freezing outside.

2. I can go to sleep at a reasonable hour 

Stitch Sleeping Gif

After a long week of class, the last thing I want to do is stay up until 2 am partying. I would so much rather be wrapped up reading a book at 10 pm.

3. I'm always available if a friend needs saving 

Wonder Woman Gif

Staying home, sober, I'm always available to rescue a friend in need if they drink a little too much. This is so important to me to be keeping my friends safe and getting them back home at the end of the night.

4. It's the perfect time to binge watch Netflix 

One More Episode Gif

Staying home on a Friday night gives me uninterrupted hours of binge-watching my favorite shows. There's no better feeling than finally catching up on a new season of Netflix.

5. Self-care is more important than getting drunk 

Treat Yo Self Gif

Staying home, relaxing, doing a face mask or even reading a book allows for much needed relaxation. No one wants to stress about their hair and makeup on a Friday after you've finished 5 days of classes.

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