Although 2016 is only just beginning, the people of twitter have come into the new year with guns blazing. The much-loved social media platform has not disappointed lately, especially with so much excitement between the Powerball, DJ Khaled's keys to success, and the presidential race. In case you need to catch up, here's a list of 20 tweets you've missed so far this month, ranging from questionable to relatable to downright hysterical.

1. This great tweet about the Powerball:

2. This tweet, which kept it real:

3. This one, which is a little disheartening for 16 year old Democrats everywhere:

4. This tweet about Coachella:

5. That awkward moment when:

6. This tweet, which is even funnier when you look at the last two things posted:

7. This one, which introduced me to my new mantra:

8. And this one, which provided inspiration for bitter girlfriends everywhere:

9. This reminder:

10. This tweet, which just screams "priorities":

11. This one, which you kind of feel bad for laughing at:

12. And this, which will leave you wondering if it actually worked:

13. This tweet, which provides for a great lesson in semantics.

14. Whatever this is:

15. This one, which is equal parts sacrilegious and funny:

16. And this, which is nothing if not relatable for college kids everywhere:

17. This tweet, which really hit the nail on the head in terms of #goals

18. And this reminder of the finer things in life:

19. The most relatable tweet of the month:

20. And finally, the tweet that really gives you something to think about:

Cheers to a year of good tweets!