Girls born in the '90s grew up in a great generation -- we made it right before the digital age so we got to experience life before every 3-year-old had an iPad. We had the luxury of playing outside and using our imaginations to have fun. Most importantly, there were some killer toys that came about during our time. Here are 20 of them.

1. Game Boys

Every game on this was straight fire.

2. Barbies

We all lived vicariously through Barbie.

3. Bratz dolls

And the Bratz.

4. Polly Pockets

And our Polly Pockets.

5. Easy Bake Oven

The desserts never came out as good as they looked on the box, but something about this toy was magical.

6. Bop-it

Bop it! Twist it! Pull it!

7. Skip-it

This was so much more difficult to use than the kids in the commercials made it look.

8. Tamagotchi

We sacrificed our lives for our Tamagotchi pets.

9. Razor scooter

It was all fun and games until the wheel hit our ankles.

10. Power Wheels

We had so much swag driving this baby around with our bestie in the passenger seat.

11. Etch-a-Sketch

We felt like Picasso drawing on this thing.

12. American Girl Doll

Our worth was determined by the number of American Girl Dolls we owned.

13. Care Bears

Why were the designs on their stomachs so mesmerizing?

14. Mr. Potato Head

He was such a cutie.

15. Play-Doh

Just the smell of Play-Doh makes us nostalgic.

16. My Little Pony

These gave us unrealistic expectations for real-life ponies.

17. Pick-Up Sticks

What a classic game.

18. Beanie Babies

Our Beanie Babies collection was lit.

19. Furby

It's the cutest and creepiest creature.

20. Doodle bears

These bears were crazy adorbs.