20 Times Dr. Seuss Had The Best Advice

Dr. Seuss was a part of everyone's childhood. I remember my parents reading "Green Eggs and Ham" to my brother and I at bedtime like it was yesterday. Growing up, his books were my favorite and like many other children, I learned how to read by beginning with Dr. Seuss. My love for reading began with his books because they made my imagination grow. The funny characters, the goofy rhymes, and the colorful pictures all allowed my childhood creativity to soar. Although Dr. Seuss mainly appeals to the carefree little kids with huge imaginations, it also appeals to us grown-ups more than you would think. Here are some words to live by from the one and only, Dr. Seuss:

1. Things aren't always as hard as they seem.

2. Be yourself.

3. We all have to start somewhere.

4. Treat everyone equally.

5. Love isn't perfect.

6. Your real friends will always support you.

7. Follow your dreams.

8. Be positive.

9. Christmas isn't about the gifts

10. Don't take moments for granted.

11. Open your eyes and pay attention to the world in front of you.

12. You are loved and important.

13. Be grateful.

14. Don't knock it 'til you try it.

15. Never stop reading.

16. One person can change the world.

17. Don't be uptight; just go with the flow.

18. Life is better with an imagination.

19. Nothing is perfect right away.

20. Make your own path to the life you choose.

Maybe we should all be reading Dr. Seuss, not just little kids. Dr. Seuss was the wisest man to ever live. Not only did he spark creativity and imagination in children, but he gave great life advice that even us "serious" adults should use every now and then. Funny how the best words of wisdom can be found in a children's book.

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