1. "If I skip this class, will I be able to avoid my professor around campus?"

With all the positives of a small campus, this is definitely not one.

2. "Should I eat Casado or just eat nothing?"

Maybe it's not that bad, but we've all thought this at some point.

3. "Do the CSF majors actually worship Jim Smith or nah?"

As a CSF major myself, sometimes I even wonder about this. But I promise, we know he is human.

4. "Wow, that's a fat squirrel."

Especially right after winter.

5. *insert Friends the TV Show joke*

And explaining to people that Friends University is actually a real school.

6. "Could the Zoo Science majors be any more stereotypical?"

I mean, sometimes they post pictures of them holding goats.

7. "Oh, look. The Garbage Can Cat."

Cats jumping out of trashcans used to scare me, but now it's part of my daily routine. We've accepted them as our own pets.

8. "Who the heck is Rich Mullins and why does everyone always talk about him?"

If one of your professors hasn't talked about having Rich in class 20 years ago, do you even go to Friends?

9. "I don't mind paying $30,000 a year for this kind of grass."

But seriously. It is SO LUSH.

10. "I missed breakfast... Is it Friday?"

The Banana Bandits always coming to save the day.

11. "Is that Dr. Carey's husband walking the world's smallest dog?"

His name is Brian, by the way. Mr. Carey, not the dog.

12. "How does one get into the clock tower?"

And could I sneak up there without getting caught?

13." I need something to eat, but Sandella's is going to be really slow right now..."

It's noon. Maybe make a different choice.

14. "I have class in BTB. Maybe I should just drive."

Even with such a small campus, it seems SO far.

15. "Oh. The sprinklers are on. Again."

It's fine. 2 o'clock in the afternoon is the most convenient time to water the grass.

16. "What's today, Tuesday? Oh, good. Only three events to choose from tonight."

There is always something going on, which is great. But sometimes it's hard to pick.

17. "I would know what time it was if the clock tower bell still rang."

Remember the days of it warning you that you had five minutes to get to class? Yeah. That was nice.

18. "Davis is so pretty."

And yes, we all have 50 pictures of it on our phones.

19. "How long could I get away with having a dog in my dorm?"

The RA's want a puppy just as badly as I do, right?

20. "Is it acceptable to take the elevator to the second floor of Davis?"

Those stairs are just too much.