20 Things We Learn By 20 Years Old
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Student Life

20 Things We Learn By 20 Years Old

And everything you will if you're not yet there

20 Things We Learn By 20 Years Old
Kaylee Gates

We are all in this together, so whether you're past 20 and can relate or not yet 20 and still learning, we all feel these 20 things

1. Balling on a budget

I feel like this applies to absolutely EVERYONE. We have money, but basically enough to live and have fun every once in a while. But responsibilities come first.

2. Skip the party

Your liver and your grades will thank you later.

3. Go to the party

You're only young once. We don't have kids, we only have to worry about ourselves. Go have fun, and make those memories last. We are only at this stage of our lives for a few years.

4. Not everyone is going to like you

You may be the best orange on the tree, but there will always be someone who doesn't like oranges. Let it roll off your chest.

5. Your health is the most important thing

If you're not healthy, then what do you have? Nothing. Make healthy decision first.

6. Your body is the next important thing

Hygiene is so important. Just like your health, you need to take care of every aspect of your body.

7. He's just not that into you

Sweetheart, if he only texts you after 10 pm he isn't into you. He's looking for a booty call

8. We definitely don't have our crap together

We literally ask what are we or what are we doing at least once a day. It's normal, I promise.

9. Sometimes you have to eat ramen

Sometimes, that's all we can afford. But that's also okay, just don't eat too much. It's definitely not healthy for you

10. Meal prep will literally save you

You can make a week's worth of food in a crock pot for $10-20. Use it as much as possible!

11. Don't delete pictures based on likes

You liked the picture, which is all that matters. Don't delete the picture, it doesn't matter anyways.

12. Half of your friends won't be in your life in a few years.

Unfortunately, there are so many temporary people. Hold on to friendships but remember that not everyone is meant to be permanent.

13. He doesn't love you

That boy that you think loves you, probably doesn't. But one day someone will, and you'll forget about anyone who didn't.

14. The gossip trains don't stop

Your 40-year-old colleagues are going to talk crap about you. Get used to it and let it roll off your back.

15. Everyone needs one good friend

I mean the friend that always tells you the truth. The one that will always have your back and be there for you no matter what.

16. You don't have to have your life together

None of us do, you're doing okay.

17. You'll have at least one Prince Hans in your life

That one punch in the gut that hurts the absolute most. Whether it's family, friends, or a significant other, this one is the worst you have and probably ever will feel.

18. Your family should be the most important people to you

The people that always have your back; but remember, people who aren't blood can be family too.

19. Always lend someone a hand

You won't regret the times you helped someone, but you will regret the times that you didn't.

20. It's really okay to not have your life together

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