Ah, the time of all-nighters, intakes of gallons of coffee, and endless complaining: finals.

Finals week is just around the corner here on campus, and everyone seems to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Stressing to the max, we all want to do the best we can, and we are fighting that urge to give up. Literally fighting.

So come December 23rd here at the U of M, campus will be dead and we will all finally (!!!) be at home enjoying our precious time with our loved ones.

Though this is my first time playing the game when it comes to college finals, I can tell you there are a great number of things that we can all look forward to after the grueling week of hell is over.

1. Home cooked meals

Two words: thank. god.

2. Sleeping in your own bed that is actually comfy

I mean, the tiny dorm beds will do...but truly, I can't wait to go home to my full-size bed and have room to actually stretch out and sleep.

3. Christmas cookies

Don't tell me you can't wait to get home and eat those delicious cookies

4. Christmas morning

Let's face it, we are really only morning people when it comes to this one day. We are all little kids at heart, so you all should be excited for this one.

5. Hanging out with friends from high school

6. Having nothing to do

Absolutely nothing.

7. New Year's Eve with your besties

Although our dreams of spending NYE in NYC didn't come true this year, the next best thing is NYE with your besties. Nothing's better than hanging out with your friends on NYE...especially this year when it's on a Saturday night!

8. Sleeping in

I mean, I do this enough already but...

9. Binge watching Netflix...all day, every day

When people say they actually have time to watch Netflix 24/7 in college, they either don't do their work, or they're lying...so I'm pretty excited to get to spend my days doing this.

10. A normal meal schedule

11. Mom doing my laundry

Nothing worse than dragging your sack of laundry three floors down into the dungeons of the basement of your dorm. Now that I'll be home for a month, my mom can finally just finish up my laundry.

12. Winter activities with your friends

13. Seeing your pets

14. Not having to worry if you're missing a deadline

15. Spending quality time with your family

16. A normal sleep schedule

Let's be real, we're all looking like this right about now, and the end of the semester is much needed.

17. Laying in bed all day

That pretty much sums it up.

18. Being able to drive to your friend's houses instead of having to walk across campus to get to them

19. Good WiFi connection

20. And last, but certainly not least, partying with your friends

Sorry, Mom.