If you're anything like me, you complain about being bored, a lot. I often look up lists like this to hopefully find something that will be interesting, but also won't cost a ton of money. Without further adieu, here are 20 things to do if you are bored all the time.

1. Make random lists

I don't know about any of you, but list making is kind of fun for me. I think I like it so much because it makes me feel like a real adult who actually has to go and do adult stuff now. Also, making a list can help you find some things to do!

2. Go for a walk

It's fall time now, which means everything is pretty and cold and the perfect time to go and stretch your legs. Everyone can appreciate how amazing it looks during fall time; why not go outside and enjoy it while you still can?

3. Bug your friends

When I am bored, the best thing I can do to entertain myself is to annoy my friends. Obviously they don't enjoy it but it is super fun to do it.

4. Organize your room

I've recently moved into my own dorm room and I've reorganized it a million times out of sheer boredom. Seriously, if you need to spend a couple hours doing something, organize your room. I guarantee you will be busy for a while.

5. Do that thing that you've been meaning to do, but just haven't gotten around to it...

You all know what I am talking about. Being bored is the perfect time to do it!

6. Go to the gym

This is my least favorite thing on this entire list and no matter how bored I am, I will never ever go to the gym. But who knows, maybe someone else will find that they like going to the gym when they are bored. Ew.

7. Try new makeup looks

I am not a makeup wearer every single day. Once in the blue moon, I will wear makeup more than once a month, but when I am excruciatingly bored I like to pretend that I can actually do makeup and try out some new looks.

8. Practice new hairstyles

Having thick hair is literally the worst. More often than not, my hair is a pony tail or a bun; but on the rare occasion I actually want to do something with it, I am glad that I tried to at least practice some new styles.

9. Take a bath

Who doesn't love a good bath? You are lying if you say you don't. If you are bored, why not pamper yourself?

10. Find weird YouTube videos

There are plenty of weird videos on the internet. Why not entertain yourself for a couple of hours by watching some?

11. Make a YouTube video

Or you could make the weird video!

12. Throw yourself a dance party

Here's an idea, throw yourself a dance party, upload a video of it to YouTube, and BAM, you've got your weird video.

13. Look up fun DIY projects

What about doing a DIY isn't fun and completely a waste of time? But at least it kills the boredom.

14. Try a new recipe

Who knows, you may find the best recipe in the whole world!

15. Do a puzzle

They are time consuming and pretty fun and can keep you busy for a while.

16. Read a book

Even if you hate reading, you will still read if you are that bored. Might as well get caught up in that book for English class you've been putting off.

17. Write a book

And if you still don't want to read a book, maybe try your hand out writing one.

18. Shop online

Bad advice, but we all do it anyway.

19. Watch a movie

Or watch a whole series, like Harry Potter. Seriously, you will be entertained for HOURS.

20. Sleep

Another bad idea that we all do when we are bored. Just take a nap and all your boredom will go away.