20 Things All Singers Know To Be True

Being a singer is not just about posting YouTube videos or trying to riff like Mariah Carey. It is a much deeper lifestyle that most non-singers fail to understand. Singers endure lots of training, and practice rigorous technique to improve their instrument. Singing is a very technical practice that does not always get enough credit. Anybody that knows music knows it is hard stuff that takes a lot of work and determination. Besides being an expressive art form, singing is a way of life that has a tremendous impact on the members of a society. All singers are united by their craft and can relate to the habits and thoughts of their peers, because musicians make up their own community. As a singer, there are some things you just know to be true that directly apply to your life on a daily basis.

1. Throat Coat tea may taste like pond scum, but it really works wonders on a scratchy throat.

Even if you add six tablespoons of honey, that notorious flavor will still be there.

2. Singing through a straw is a magical trick that helps swollen cords and can make higher notes float out with more ease.

Don't believe me? Give it a try, you skeptics!

3. Sight singing is one of the most terrifying things in the world.

Alright, I'm going to say it. Sometimes, the starting note is just not enough. There are some tricky intervals out there!

4. Sometimes you just "vocal fry" for a second to check your voice.

No, I am not summoning the devil! I'm just vocal frying.

5. You could sing the solfège scale backwards and forwards in your sleep.

You can also rock those hand gestures at any speed and in any order desired.

6. Your greatest fear in life is getting nodes.

No. Nope. No thanks. Nah. Going to have to pass.

7. Singing is your favorite form of therapy.

There is just something so cathartic about unleashing and belting a powerful ballad after a hard day.

8. People who say singing is easy are the bane of your existence.

I'd like to hear you sing a cantata at the top of your range while maintaining adequate breath support and posture, while also staying in character and applying natural looking facial expressions and movements to your performance. Oh yeah, and do it under a dozen hot lights on stage alone in front of 300 people.

9. Your arch nemesis is a sore throat.

No no no no, please. Where's my humidifier? Someone get me some tea! I need a lozenge!

10. Once people find out you sing, they automatically assume you want to be a pop star.

Not all singers want to be the next American Idol! There are other genres and pathways to consider!

11. Hearing people "scream-sing" causes you actual physical pain.

Ouch....my cords....

12. Having binders and books of sheet music EVERYWHERE.

I know I have that song, but I have absolutely no clue where. Give me a few hours.

13. You have multiple 32 bar audition cuts of varying genres ready to go at any given moment.

Much like a boy scout, singers tend to always be prepared.

14. Your phone is cluttered with recordings from your voice lessons.

Sometimes you just have to delete that recording from five years ago where you sound tone deaf. It's okay. Things are better now.

15. Avoiding dairy like the plague before a performance or audition.

I will not eat that chocolate. I will not eat that chocolate. I WILL NOT EAT THAT CHOCOLATE!

16. You harmonize to songs on the radio.

Or any sounds really. Don't pretend you've never harmonized with the school bell or doorbell.

17. Every time you have to drive anywhere, you give the solo performance of a lifetime.

You may even program your GPS to take a longer route so you can squeeze in a few extra songs.

18. Getting incredibly frustrated when people assume you can't read music because you're "just a singer."

That's cute.

19. Getting put on the spot at birthday parties and family gatherings to sing.

Please stop this. Please.

20. Loving your instrument more than anything.

Singing is your passion and you wouldn't trade it for the world.

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