Today I turn 20 years-old. I know, where did the time go? I will officially no longer be a teen. My life is just beginning and for that I am equally excited and scared. I don't have everything figured out or know all the answers to life's great tests but I have learned a few things worth noting. Here is my list of 20:

1. Don't be ashamed of the music you listen to. Bruno Mars is good, okay?

2. You are not your mistakes.

3. Become friends with your professors in college because they're probably cool and they also determine your final grade in the course.

4. Take as many pictures as humanly possible.

5. Have a safe place.

6. Don't give a crap what people think. Unless, of course, that person is your boss or grandmother.

7. It's okay to have high standards, especially when it comes to boys.

8. Quality over quantity.

9. Say yes to new experiences--adventure awaits you.

10. Choose to do whatever makes you truly happy in life.

11. Don't go a day without owning a dog or petting a dog. They will bring so much joy to your life.

12. Travel, because one day you won't be able to and it'll suck.

13. As great of a person as you are, there will always be somebody who doesn't like you. This is probably because they are extremely insecure or jealous of you.

14. Keep your word. If you make a promise keep it and don't be a flake.

15. Don't rush love. It'll happen when it happens.

16. Quit bitching.

17. When your sibling is your best friend life is better.

18. Take "sick" days to watch Netflix and soak in a hot bath. You deserve it.

19. Always carry around aspirin and a change of clothes in case of an emergency.

20. Spend time alone. Journal, meditate, pray, read, just do it alone.