20 Things To Hear Before Turning 20
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20 Things To Hear Before Turning 20

Words of advice from a 20 year old on the best advice and words I wish I heard before turning 20.

20 Things To Hear Before Turning 20
Ross Laird

1. Trust your instincts over anything.

Your gut instinct is always important to notice. That intuition inside you can never lead you astray. Always trust yourself.

2. Accept your wrongness.

It is okay to be wrong. It is okay to make a mistake. Everyone does and as much as you feel like sh*t in the moment, it will blow over, I promise.

3. Be present in everything you do.

Too many times I look back and wish I had been more prsent in moments. Appreciate the memories and make an impact on others.

4. Schedules are great but sometimes need to be thrown out the window.

It is okay to be a little disorganized and a mess sometimes. It is okay to not have a plan and see what happens.

5. People enter and leave your life for a reason.

People come and go in your life at the right times. It may not be enjoyable and hurt but it is all for a reason. Just wait it out and you'll see why later.

6. First impressions are really important.

As much as the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" is reiterated, people do. So make the most of it. Be yourself, be respectful, and remember that first impressions make an impact no matter who it is.

7. Jumping out of your comfort zone sucks.

People will constantly tell you to jump out of your comfort zone but no one mentions how difficult it is. It honestly is not that fun and mostly awkward but do not let that stop you. The more you do it, the easier it becomes and the more you learn.

8. School is hard but school is great.

There will be ups and downs, there will be tears and laughter, and their will be wins and failures. Education is the greatest gift to have, appreciate it.

9. Be heard.

Do not be silent. Educate others. Be loud and proud. Speak your mind and share it with others. Words change people and this world, remember you can make an impact with just that.

10. Don't settle.

Do not settle for others, for yourself, for goals, and for what you want out of life. Go after what you want and get it. Plans change and goals can change but never settle for less than what you deserve.

11. Eat the chocolate.

Life is too short to neglect yourself from the wonderful world of chocolate. Moderation is key. Chocolate helps any problem.

12. Getting a bad grade does not define you...

It happens to the best of us. The feeling of the world ending and feeling like a mess fade. Things happen, learn from the incident and don't let it happen again.

13. How you react to failure does.

Failing is okay, how you react to failure is what really matters. It is okay to be mad, frustrated, and disappointed. It is not okay to put your failures on someone else. You must learn and grow from those mistakes.

14. Be more kind.

This world will make you want to be cold and reserved, don't let that overpower you. Kindness will never lead you wrong. Do not let kindness lead you to being manipulated though. Know that there is a find line between being kind and allowing someone to take advantage of you.

15. Appreciate your privilege.

You are privileged in some way, shape, or form. Appreciate your abilities, your things, and your opportunities. There are people who have far less than you.

16. Express your feelings more.

Express your feelings in the way that you feel most comfortable. Do not surround yourself with people who do not let you express your feelings. Let your feelings out, holding them in will not help anyone.

17. Continually make big and small goals.

Having goals is important. Goals can change. Have outrageous goals and have simple ones. Never stop dreaming.

18. Call/ talk to your family more.

Your family loves you more than you know. Appreciate them more. A five minute phone call can change their whole day.

19. Tell yourself something you love about yourself everyday.

This may sound crazy, but self confidence is important and this can help you a lot. There should be always something that you appreciate about yourself both inside and out.

20. Know your worth.

Know when you deserve better. Know what you want and demand it. You are more than good enough. Know what you are worth. P.S. I guarantee you are worth even more than you think.

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