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20 things On my Bucket list to do before i kick the bucket

Creating a bucket list of everything I'd like to do.


When I was younger, I made a bucket list of things I'd like to do before "kicking the bucket", but I threw it out because I was young and dumb. However, now that I am older, I want to make one and put it out there for the world to see!

1. Go to California!

Surf's Up! On top of my bucket list has and always will be to travel to California. It has always been my dream to make it out to the West Coast! I will get there some day!

2. Go cliff jumping.

I always see people on TV or on the Internet jumping off these huge cliffs. It looks fun!

3. Go zip-lining.

I've been zip-lining before, but I want to go zip-lining down Hunter Mountain. It is one of the fastest and longest zip-lines in America!

4. Ride an ATV.

As dangerous as they can be, they look so fun! I've always wanted to ride one through mountainous trails!

5. Go camping/RV-ing.

This is something I am always talking about. When I say camping, I mean sleeping out in a tent at a campground, fishing for food, and cooking dinner over a fire. But I'd also like to go "glamping" and live in an RV for a few days, too!

6. Travel to an island.

Personally, I'd love to go to an island that is not attached to New Jersey. I'd love to explore Hawaii or the Bahamas.

7. Go scuba diving.

This goes with traveling to an island. Scuba diving looks like so much fun. I'd love to try it out for myself at some point!

8. Swim with dolphins.

Ever since I was little, this has been something I've wanted to do! It doesn't have to be on an island somewhere. I'll settle for Sea World. But anyone who knows me knows I used to love dolphins. In fact, I have a glass dolphin collection at our mountain house.

9. Go clamming.

This is something I think would be so much fun! Not only for me but for my family, too! We all love eating clams, so why not try catching them?

10. Travel the world!

More about traveling. I have a list of places I'd love to see. Stay tuned for another article on that! But I'll give you a sneak peak. Australia!

11. Hold a koala.

Who doesn't love koalas? They look so cute and cuddly!

12. Ride in a hot air balloon.

I've gone parasailing, and I have gone zip-lining. You can probably tell by now that I love doing anything that involves me flying through the air. I think a hot air balloon would be nice and peaceful.

13. Ride a horse on the beach.

Horses are my favorite animals. Beaches are my favorite place to be. So why not try riding a horse on the beach? How cool does that sound?

14. Own a Jeep Wrangler.

This one may sound weird. But, like many people whose dream car is a Lambo or a Tesla, my dream car is a Jeep Wrangler. Not just any Wrangler, though, a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Those cars look so awesome!

15. Watch a sunrise and sunset in one day.

This one is slightly more doable than others. What would make it even better is to watch them on the beach!

16. Meet someone famous.

When it comes to this, I'm not too picky. But Zac Efron or Chad Michael Murray sure would be nice to meet! Even Chip and Joanna Gaines would be cool!

17. Learn how to sew.

This is something I wish I knew how to do. Sewing always comes in handy! I've tried teaching myself, but I only made the hole bigger!

18. Attend Vidcon.

When I mentioned meeting someone famous, I was really thinking about famous YouTube personalities, like Roman Atwood, Shaytards, and Cole & Sav. (I'd still be down to meet Zac or Chad!) Going to Vidcon has been a dream of mine for years!

19. See the "Ellen" show.

Come on, who doesn't love Ellen?

20. Meet Ellen Degeneres.

Again, I say, who doesn't love Ellen? She is probably one of the funniest people I have ever seen. I think it'd be super cool to meet her!

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