20 Things To Do In Austin This Summer When You Get Bored
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20 Things To Do In Austin This Summer When You Get Bored

Because you will most likely get bored at somepoint

20 Things To Do In Austin This Summer When You Get Bored

With summer finally here, it is a time to relax, spend time with family and friends, and have fun. If you are anything like me and have a lot of days when you get bored and end up sitting on the couch all day with nothing to do, here is a list that will help you out.

1. Swimming at Barton Springs

2. Eat ice cream sandwiches at Moojo

3. Listen to live music at Blues on the Green

4. Go mini golfing at Peter Pan Mini Golf

5. See the play for the summer at the Zilker Hillside Theater

6. Swim and hike at the Barton Green Belt under Loop 360

7. Visit the Blanton Museum of Art

8. Go underground bowling at UT

9. Walk through The Umlauf Sculpture Garden

10. Go Hiking at Enchanted Rock

11. Hang out at Zilker Park

12. Take your bike to the Veloway

13. Check out Castle Hill

14. Go and find all the murals around Austin and take pictures with them

15. Go to a Round Rock Express Game

16. Go swing dancing at the Women's Federation

17. Float the river in San Marcos

18. Take a Picnic to Emma Long Park

19. Go to Mt. Bonnell and watch the sunrise

20. Try paddle boarding or cannoning on Town Lake

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