At the University of North Carolina at Greensboro I would like to say on behalf of the students that we go through a lot of struggles whether it be daily or weekly. Not everyone goes through these struggles, but if you go through at the least half of these you are a typical college student at UNCG. When most of these struggles hit us Spartans you can hear us moan and groan like Tina from Bob's Burgers or let out a little curse word here or there.

1. "Do I need a raincoat today?"

2. Surviving Spartan Chariot rides

3. Getting Chick-fil-a breakfast

4. Forgetting Yum Yum's only takes cash

5. Getting free things at sporting events

6. Actually getting fried chicken and mac'n cheese on Wednesdays

7. Taking a "quick" trip to Taco-Hut

8. Dodging the human like squirrels

9. Finding Parking

10. Voyaging out to the new gym

11. Finding power outlets

12. Playing Frogger on Spring Garden

13. Getting a chance to swing on The Swings

14. Going to Bojangles without a line

15. Riding your bike around campus and not hitting other people

16. Wanting to sit outside and getting good WiFi signal

17. Avoiding the urge for Starbucks

18. When the Sparkets run out of Oreo's

19. Waiting for the right Heat bus to arrive

20. Deciding between Sonic and Jimmy Johns at 2 A.M.